How To Style A Silk Scarf For Fall & Winter

Today's post is all about my favorite accessory - the silk scarf! If you've been following along for a while then you know that I love silk scarves and think they're an essential accessory for every wardrobe. That said, sometimes they can be a little tricky to style so in today's post I'm sharing 5 ways I like to style mine in the fall and winter.

Below I've embedded my styling video and I hope that it inspires you to wear your silk scarves more. 

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My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It's that time again! After waiting til January to switch my closet over I finally had a chance to film my winter capsule and I'm very excited to share it with you today. My capsule this season consists of 35 pieces but as always it does not include shoes, accessories or outerwear.  I filmed a quick overview of my closet ethos along with a close-up of each piece so I'll save you the length post here. That said though, I've listed each piece in my capsule below for you along with how long I've had each item (and any links when available) - because it doesn't need to be new to be exciting. I hope you enjoy and as always, let me know if you have any questions!

  1. J.Crew Long Sleeve Navy Tee - 2 years

  2. J.Crew Long Sleeve Black Tee - 2 years

  3. J.Crew Navy & White Tee - New this season

  4. J.Crew Black & White Tee - Over 1 year

  5. Brooks Brothers White Shirt (Old) - Over 4 years

  6. H&M Pink Blouse (Old) - Over 1 year

  7. Everlane Black Silk Shirt (Old) - Over 2 years

  8. J.Crew Chambray Shirt (Old) - Over 3 years

  9. Zara White Peplum Top (Old) - Purchased last spring

  10. Everlane Navy Cashmere Crew - Less than 1 year

  11. Everlane Black Cashmere Crew - At least 1 year

  12. Everlane Grey Cashmere Crew - New this season

  13. Forever 21 White Ruffle Sweater - New this season

  14. LOFT Black Skirt (Old), Similar here - Over 1 year

  15. H&M Black Pleather Skirt (Old), Similar here - Over 1 year

  16. J.Crew Green Lace Skirt (Old) - A few years

  17. Massimo Dutti Silk Skirt (Old) - At least 4 years

  18. H&M Black Pants (Old), Similar here - At least 4 years

  19. Madewell Mid-Rise Jeans (Old) - New this fall

  20. Zara Grey Moto Jeans (Old) - At least 5 years

  21. Levi's 501 CT's - At least 2 years

  22. LOFT White Jeans (Old), Similar here - Last December

  23. Little Black Dress (Old) - 2-3 years

  24. Club Monaco Silk Dress (Old) - 2-3 years

  25. Ralph Lauren Shirtdress (Old), Similar here - Birthday present last year

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Adding Trend Pieces To Your Capsule

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I finally filmed my winter capsule yesterday (it will be live tomorrow woo!). While I was setting everything aside to film I started noticing (unsurprisingly) that the majority of the pieces are classic essentials that I can wear season after season regardless of the current trends.

That said though, a few key pieces are 100% trend driven (like this sweater pictured above) and likely won't make it past a season or two. This dichotomy got me thinking about how I've arrived at this thoughtful mix and finally stopped buying into trend after trend only to have them sit unworn in my closet. Which brings me to the topic of today's post - how do you add trend pieces to your capsule without breaking the bank or your clothing rack?

To start, let me say that I love trends. Even though I tend to only invest in high quality classics that I can wear for years, trends have a special place in my closet each season. To utilize them to their full potential without losing sight of my personal style, budget and sartorial goals I like to add trends in three phases. 

PHASE 1 - What's In & What's Out?

Before I make any trend purchases each season I like to take note of the trends that are new and those that are phasing out. Once I've done that I review my closet (accessories and shoes included) and jot down the trends I already have and any that I still want to add.

PHASE 2: Set My Budget

Next, when I set my budget for the entire season I set aside a portion specifically for trends. In general I try not to exceed half of my overall budget on trends unless there are no classics that I need to add and/or any of the current trends can last me longer than 1 season. 

PHASE 3: Shop! And Fall In Love With Accessories

The last step in this process is also the most fun. Once I've set my budget and know the trends that I'm looking for I hit the shops (online or in-person). Even though this step seems like the most straight-forward, I like to stick to a few pointers to help keep me focused and from feeling defeated if a trend I've been dreaming about doesn't work out. 

  1.  If a trend doesn't suit me, it doesn't mean theres something wrong with me. It just means that I can spend more on a great pair of classic shoes or a new handbag ;)

  2. Accessories are your new best friends when it comes to trends. Instead of trying to force a new jean style or new sweater silhouette into my closet, I like to stick with accessories like hats, jewelry and shoes. I also like to use this tactic if I happen to be between sizes. Plus, accessories take up much less closet space than actual clothing so it's always a win-win. 

That's all! Those are the 3 steps that I like to take each season when adding trends into my classic wardrobe. Before I go though, I'd love to know how you shop for trends. Are there any that you're loving this season? Let me know in the comments down below and happy Saturday!

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How To Style: 1 Tee, 4 Ways

Happy Thursday! Today's post I'm sharing another installment of Project 1-4-4 featuring the striped tee. Like the other posts in this series, my goal is to inspire you to do more with less and stretch your core basics across all four seasons. To help you do this on your own, I've put together four looks below and in the corresponding video (1 for each season) featuring the same striped tee. I hope you like it and would love to know how you re-work your own striped tees! 


When winter rolls around I love to wear my striped tee with cozy layers and versatile booties. During the colder months tights are also a must and I love to wrap up with a faux fur stole for a look thats equal parts casual and chic.


Camel Coat: Brooks Brothers

Faux Leather Skirt: H&M

Faux Fur Stole: Zara (old), similar here

Booties: Marc Fisher

Earrings: Baublebar Olympia Drops


When spring makes her first appearance I love to pull out all of my brightly colored accessories like this bright silk scarf. The addition of classic flats, white jeans and a matching blazer will take this look from casual Friday to Sunday brunch effortlessly.


White Jeans: LOFT (old), similar here

Silk Scarf: Hermes, similar here 

Flats: Louise Et Cie (old), similar here

Bracelet: Baublebar



During the summer I love to wear my striped tee with easy denim cut-offs and gladiator sandals. To round out the look I'll add some great statement earrings in a bright color and a fun bracelet


Shorts: Levi's 

Sandals: Topshop (old), similar here

Earrings: Baublebar


Like in the winter, I love to layer up my striped tee in the fall. To keep the transition from sunshine to clouds easier I opt for brightly colored cozy scarves and neutral blazers. Classic jeans and simple flats and a great hat help round out the look. 


Jeans: Madewell 9" High-Rise Crop in Bayview (sold out)

Blazer: Mango

Scarf: Zara (old), similar here

Shoes: Louise Et Cie

Before I go, I'd love to know which pieces you want to see next. Let me know in the comments down below and happy styling!

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5 Classic, Closet Staples Currently On Sale

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a lovely Martin Luther King Jr. Day! In honor of this special holiday a ton of retailers are having sales galore so I thought I would round up 5 classic closet staples that you can stock up on now in order to get the best bang for your buck. I've listed everything below and would love to know if you pick up any of these goodies. 

  1. First up is this gorgeous silk scarf from LOFT reduced to only $17! Made from 100% silk and featuring the loveliest floral print, this is a timeless accessory you'll wear for years to come. 

  2. If you love cashmere as much as I do, you probably like to wait for a sale to get the best deal possible. Well, nows your chance to score a beautiful J.Crew cashmere sweater on sale! Even though Everlane cashmere has become my go-to lately, I have a few J.Crew cashmere pieces and have been very happy with the quality so this lovely sweater is sure to make a great addition to your classic wardrobe.

  3. Before I invested in my beloved Chanel ballet flats the J.Crew Kiki's were my go-tos. The shape of these is perfectly classic and the leather is absolutely beautiful. Plus, if you want a pair of flats that you can wear with everything these are perfect.  

  4. Next up is a black pencil skirt like this wool number from J.Crew.  When I worked in a more corporate setting, this skirt was a staple in my closet and I can't recommend it enough. Even though I no longer reach for it as often as I used to, I always keep it on hand and have been incredible impressed with the quality - it still looks brand new after almost 4 years!

  5. Last but certainly not least is a classic, white button down. My my favorite non-iron white shirt that goes with everything is currently reduced to $73 with an additional %15 off today. If you're in the market for a white shirt that always looks polished (and never needs ironing!) then this shirt is for you.

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New In: Winter Fashion Haul

Happy Sunday! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Jason and I have spent ours taking it slow, having brunch at home, strolling around downtown and working on the house - the perfect balance of fun and productivity.

In preparation for my upcoming winter capsule (finally coming your way next week!) I have a small fashion haul to share today. If you saw my winter planning post, then you know that I had my eye on a few things for the winter season. After testing out a few of those items I settled on a few from that list and a few not on that list.

All-in-all, I'm very happy with the purchases that I've made and hope that they help inspire you if you're in the market for some great (affordable) cashmere, statement earrings or go-to booties. 

First up, is my favorite item this season - the Marc Fisher Yale booties. I LOVE these booties and after seeing them on countless bloggers I finally gave them a go and couldn't be happier!

Not only are these booties incredibly versatile (I've worn them with skirts, pants and jeans so far), but they're also incredibly comfortable!

I've had these for a few weeks now and have already worn them so much that I'm contemplating getting the suede for spring. 

Another item I really wanted for winter is a ruffled, bell-sleeve sweater. Unlike the classic items I tend to gravitate towards, I knew that this piece may not make it back into my closet next year so I didn't want to spend a ton on it. Instead, I checked a few of the low-mid tier retailers and ended up finding exactly what I wanted at Forever 21.

I'll save you a ton of detail now expect to say that I'm working on a post all about adding trend pieces to your otherwise classic wardrobe so stay tuned for that in the next few days/weeks. 


The second sweater that I picked up IS a timeless essential and an old favorite - the Everlane Cashmere Crew. If you saw my 5 most worn items from 2016, then you know that I love these sweaters and added the lovely light grey shade for winter.

I have an in-depth review of these sweaters coming soon but for now I can't recommend them enough if you're in the market for a classic, well-made cashmere sweater. 

Next up, is a new striped tee. As I shared in my winter capsule planning post, I've been on the hunt for a new, looser fitting striped tee for those days when I want something a little cozier.

After trying out a few options I settled on my go-to J.Crew striped tee but in a larger size. The effect is the perfect amount of slouch without being frumpy.

Plus, the 100% cotton composition and 3/4 sleeves mean that I'll be able to wear this tee year-round. 

The last two items that I picked up for winter are two pairs of BaubleBar earrings. The first pair is the "Mini Pinata" in coral. These earrings are the loveliest shade of orangey red and look fantastic with neutral layers now and will really pop against all white and stripes in the spring and summer.

The next pair of earrings is the BaubleBar 'Olympia' Drop Earrings which feature a chic marble effect surrounded by crystals and gold. I love these earrings and have worn them with my grey cashmere sweater, head-to-toe black and even a crisp white button down for a simple look that really pops. Unfortunately these earrings are currently sold out everywhere but you may be able to pick them up on eBay or Poshmark.

That's everything! I'm very pleased with each of these purchases and think that they will round out my existing core items beautifully this season. Before I go, I've embedded my corresponding YouTube video below and I'd love to know what you've picked up this season. Is there anything you're particularly excited about? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Until next time,