Monday Must-Have: Highlighter

Happy Monday and official first day of Daylight Savings! If you're anything like me, the time change has caused your Monday to take off on a slow foot. To fight those sleepy vibes and fake a full night's rest I'm loading up on espresso and highlighter, so I thought that would make the perfect topic for today's "Monday Must-Have." 

                                                                                                                                                 Photo: ImaxTree

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Of all the makeup products I use, highlighter is hands down my favorite. Not only does it instantly make me look rested, healthy and radiant, it is also practically fail proof and takes almost no time to apply. If you're weary of highlighter for fear of looking too overdone, I recommend starting with a subtle highlighter that isn't overly frosty or glittering. Look for one with just a subtle sheen that is almost undetectable on the skin while still giving your complexion a little extra oompf like my favorite from RMSI have also linked some others that I love below in case you're interested in checking them out. Next, perfect your application by practicing with tips from the makeup maestro herself, Lisa Eldridge. I have linked my favorite highlighter tutorial from Lisa below and I promise that her tips will leave you glowing effortlessly in no time. 

Until next time, happy highlighting!


Word On The Street: March 11, 2016

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Happy Friday!! I'm currently in Arizona on vacation enjoying the gorgeous scenery and incredible weather. Whether you're on Spring Break too or just prepping for a great weekend, the word on the street is....

1. Daylight Savings Time is this weekend so I will definitely be trying some of these tips to avoid losing sleep.

2. This new J.Crew gingham blazer is what spring dreams are made of. 

3. I love decluttering and can't wait to try these tips to get a better sleep by decluttering. 

4. Yesterday I had the pleasure of partnering with Robin of The Dress Decoded for tips on transitional dressing. If you haven't checked out Robin's blog and Instagram yet I highly recommend it - she's fantastic!  

Until next time, have a great weekend!


Transitional Spring Dressing Tips & Collab With Robin Of The Dress Decoded

Today is March 10th which means that the first day of spring is only 10 days away! While it's difficult to contain my excitement for warmer weather, strategic transitional dressing has saved me from jumping straight out of my snow boots and into sandals. To help you do the same, I have put together one of my favorite transitional looks and rounded up my top tips for transitional dressing that I hope will help you welcome warmer weather effortlessly. 

Tip 1: Start With A Classic Foundation & Add Springy Accessories

One of my top tips for transitioning my look from winter to spring is to rely on a foundation of classic pieces in neutral colors that can be layered and accessorized with springy touches. For a warm day in the city I recently paired basic stripes with a classic pair of skinny jeans and topped it off with a bright, fun scarf. The top and jeans created a foundation that can worn across all seasons by changing the shoes and outer layers but when paired with no jacket, classic brogues and a bright scarf it instantly takes on the air of lighter fair. 

Tip 2: Carefully Incorporate Floral Prints in Light Colors

Nothing says spring like floral prints which is why they are my favorite way to transition my go-to winter looks into spring. Two of my favorite ways to do this are by wearing floral scarves and floral blazers. By starting with standard knits in neutral colors, a simple silk scarf in a bright floral print can instantly upgrade your look from the fireside to the flower-filled countryside. Likewise for the use of a floral blazer. Simply by trading my boots for flats and throwing on a floral jacket, one of my go-to winter looks instantly feels spring appropriate. 

Tip 3: Trade Your Snow Boots For Rain Boots and ankle Boots For Ballet Flats and Loafers

My final tip for transitioning your look from winter to spring is to trade your heavy footwear for lighter options. While I may not be able to jump directly from snow boots into sandals, rain boots, loafers and ballet flats help make knitwear and light outerwear feel less winter and more spring. 


To share additional insight on this topic I am collaborating with the beautiful Robin of The Dress Decoded who not only has impeccable style but also phenomenal advice for achieving classic looks. Robin is without question my go-to account and blog for endless outfit inspiration and tips and tricks. You can read Robin's take on this topic here and if you do not already follow her on Instagram you can do so here - I promise you will love it!

Until next time, happy transitioning!


Packing Light: The In-Flight Essentials

If I had it my way, I would travel constantly. Whether it be by plane, train or automobile I love all that travel entails from the preparation to the anticipation and of course the final experience. As you know if you saw my last two travel posts here and here, I prefer to travel light and only pack 1 carefully planned carry-on. I shared how I use versatile, classic pieces and multiple accessories stretch the longevity of these pieces but only touched on what I pack for the flight itself. So, today I want to share what I tend to pack on my person to save me from boredom, unpredictable plane temperatures and dehydrated flight conditions.   


When it comes to staying hydrated on dry, congested planes I have a two pronged approach that goes beyond just drinking tons and tons of water. The first is to prep my skin before take-off with hydrating products like the new and luxurious Honest Beauty Everything Primer. This product is perfect for air-travel because it adds a touch of luminance and hydration to the skin and can be worn alone or under makeup to make your skin glow. I also load up on the gorgeous RMS Beauty Living Luminizer which instantly makes you look like you just left the best yoga session and followed it up with a tall glass of green juice. The next thing I do is to look after my skin during the flight by applying hydrating lip balm as needed, and spritzing my face with a delightful hydrating mist to wake up my skin and help me feel a little less claustrophobic. I have linked the products I rely on below in case you're interested but whatever you're loving at the moment will work perfectly as well. My only word of caution would be to avoid products containing alcohol because it can be extremely drying to the skin. The last beauty bit I always pack is my trusty Mason Pearson hairbrush and a classic hair clip so that I can freshen up before landing. 


To avoid boredom on the plane I always bring Kindle and sometimes a great picture heavy fashion or beauty book depending on how long the flight is and what kind of experience I want to have. Before every flight, I ensure that my kindle is fully stocked with a few different books just in case I want to change up what I'm reading. If the flight is on the shorter side and I'm looking for fashion or beauty ideas I will be sure to pack an amazing (not too heavy book) to flip through along with my Kindle. I like doing this to save me from buying a costly magazine at the airport in a desperate need for inspiration. 


As you know from my last packing posts, I try and wear some of my heavier, multi-tasking items (like sweaters, jackets and belts) on the plane to save suitcase space. In addition to those I also like to wear a pashmina or scarf depending on where I'm headed. Not only do these look fabulous and make your travel outfit a little more special but they can also double as a blanket during chilly flights. For a purse, I like to bring a crossbody bag for hands free airport navigation and ultimately throw all of these items (and my purse when the time comes) into a larger satchel that can be easily stored under the seat. I love my Longchamp for this but any lightweight, durable bag will do. 

Until next time, happy travels!


Monday Must-Have: A Signature Scent

Happy Monday and I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today's "Monday Must-Have" is dedicated to one of my favorite beauty products - perfume. When it comes to perfume I love to look at and explore the countless options but rarely stray from my signature scent. For me, scent is the ultimate accessory. A signature scent acts as our own personal calling card and shares who we are in a way that scarves, jewelry and purses can't. To me, a signature scent signifies the next level in self expression and tells the world that you truly know who you are. Often intimate and always personal, I think fragrance is the perfect way to round out your look and leave a lasting impression on those closest to you. While I have experimented with a few different perfumes over the years, I recently honed in on a signature scent and couldn't be happier. I love having a high-quality staple that I can rely on day in and day out, and love knowing that I am establishing my personal fragrance i.d. everywhere I go. 

Until next time!


Packing Light: 5 Days, 1 Carry-On

In a few days, Jason and I are headed out to Arizona for family, food and fun. If you saw my last "Packing Light" post you know that I prefer to travel with only 1 carry-on by packing strategically to get the most out of a few select items. For this vacation I will be bringing mostly neutral basics that I can dress up or down and jazz up with southwestern inspired accessories. Below I have outlined my detailed packing list in the hope that it will inspire you to pack light as well. 

T-Shirts and Button-Downs

The weather in Arizona is supposed to be wonderfully warm during the day and crisp at night so I will be packing only two t-shirts. The first is a basic white t that I can wear alone during the day and layered at night. Both are 100% cotton and will be breathable enough for both the warm daytime temps and cooler evening temps. As you know, I love button-downs for how versatile they are so  I will be bringing 1 chambray shirt, 1 long sleeve silk shirt and 1-2 short sleeve silk shirts because they take up practically no space in my suitcase and will serve me well depending on the weather and what we're doing. 

Sweaters and Jackets

For this post I have lumped sweaters and jackets together because I consider both of them toppers. Because we will be in the dessert and the change in temps from day to night can be drastic, I will be bringing 2 jackets and 2 sweaters. For jackets I will bring my rich brown leather jacket that I will wear on the plane and basic jean jacket for the perfect southwestern touch. For sweaters I am bringing my white cotton crew neck that I will likely wear on the plane and my cream cashmere cable knit crew neck sweater. 

Shorts, Jeans and Pants

When it comes to traveling I like to take only a few pairs of bottoms because they can be mixed and matched really easily and tend to take up a lot of space in my suitcase. For this trip I will be bringing my white Levi's 501 CT jeans, white J. Crew shorts, LOFT Skinny Jeans (that I will wear on the plane), an old J. Crew jean skirt and Massimo Dutti printed skirt. 

Accessories, Purses and Jewelry

This is the fun part! I LOVE accessories for how much they can change up a look and take up little space in my suitcase so I will be bringing 1 purse and a variety of jewelry, scarves and belts to add the perfect touch to each outfit. Below, I have outlined some similar options to what I will be packing.  


To suit the wide range of activities we will be doing I am bringing 4 pairs of shoes. 1 pair of brown gladiator sandals that are super comfortable, 1 pair of pointed toe flats that I can wear to dress up any of my looks, my new Madewell Billie boots that I will be wearing on the plane and are insanely comfortable and so versatile, and 1 pair of sneakers.  

Until next time, happy packing!