Today Is Our First Wedding Anniversary!


It seems so hard to believe that today marks our first anniversary! This past year has been full of love, change and growth and I can't even put into words how excited I am for what year two will hold. In honor of today, I thought I would take a moment to share my five favorite things from our first year of marriage. 

We Discovered Rome & The Amalfi Coast Together


It only seems right to start this list off with our amazing honeymoon in Rome and The Amalfi Coast. Neither of us had been to Italy before our trip and to say we were excited would be an understatement!

We were so eager to say bonjourno to Italy that the day after our wedding we loaded up our car, headed back to NY from Maine and boarded a plane hours later. About six hours later we landed in Rome and checked into the loveliest Air BnB we'd ever seen. 

If I had to pick my favorite parts of the trip, they would be our AirBnB in Rome, discovering cacio e pepe for the first time, our meal at La Tagliata in Positano, and our wine tour of Le Vigne di Raito in Vietri Sul Mare. 


The picture perfect street right outside of our Air BnB.


Our apartment windows were dressed in the loveliest curtains and overlooked a perfectly Roman courtyard. 


A gorgeous bunch of organic grapes grown at Le Vigne di Raito.


   The breathtaking view from atop the vineyard.

A few of the dishes we were served at La Tagliata. Each item on the menu consists of only ingredients grown on the premises in the restaurant's organic garden that crawls along the costal mountain side. 


We Said Goodbye To New York

Ralph_Lauren_Shirtdress_New York_NYC.jpg

After nearly 6 years in the city, Jason and I found ourselves falling out of love with the city we both adored. After moving to the city following our college graduation, we both hit the ground running and quickly learned why they call it the city that never sleeps.

A few job changes, countless amazing meals, museum visits and walks in the park later we found ourselves growing tired of the long subway rides, inflated rent and lack of fresh air. As our wedding date grew closer we knew we wanted to purchase our first home, but found both the inventory and subsequent property taxes of homes surrounding New York to be out of our comfort zone.

So, in December of last year we made a stop in Charleston during the holidays and absolutely fell in love. Almost immediately upon walking the historic streets for the first time we found ourselves scouring Redfin for available homes in the area, and perusing for local jobs.... which brings me to my third favorite thing.


We Said Hello To Charleston

Six months after returning from Charleston we packed up a U-Haul and headed south. Needless to say, we absolutely love the Palmetto State and couldn't be happier with our decision. This city is everything we hoped it would be and the improvement in our quality of life is undeniable. The only thing we regret is not making the move sooner. 

Charleston_South Carolina_window boxes.jpg

We Got A Puppy


My fourth favorite thing from our first year of marriage has to be getting our new puppy Maddie (short for Madeline). 

Maddie came to us after my sister rescued her from the streets but couldn't take her in because she's still a student. We've had her for about two months now and we are completely in love!

Not only is she a total cuddle bug, but she is absolutely adorable and has the sweetest little face I've ever seen. As if that wasn't enough, she and one of our cats Jeffrey are completely smitten and watching them cuddle and play may cause my heart to literally melt one day. 


We're Buying A House  

Charleston_Row Homes.jpg

Or at least trying to buy a house. Since moving to Charleston in May Jason and I have been eagerly house hunting for our first home. Unfortunately, so has everyone else and it seems like every day the houses become more depleted while the demand grows.

Never-the-less, we are getting closer than ever to finally finding our first home and can't wait to take this exciting step together! I'll be sure to share updates as we have them and look forward to sharing loads of new decorating and renovation content as a result. 

All-in-all, our first year of marriage has been more than I could have asked for. I consider myself to be extremely lucky, and can't wait to see what the future holds for our little family. 

Until next time,

xx Audrey