Travel In Comfort (And Style)

Travel Outfit J Crew Purse J Crew T Shirt LOFT Skinny Jeans Hermes Scarf Ferragamo Boots

When it comes to traveling, comfort is key. Whether I'm flying for two hours or eight, I prefer lightweight, breathable pieces that allow me to move and sit with ease, while still looking put together. To accomplish this goal without a lot of thought, I stick to a fail proof "uniform" of stretchy skinny jeans and cotton t-shirt. To round out the outfit and keep me warm on the flight, I either throw on a blazer or cashmere cardigan depending on the season and where I'm headed. For footwear, I like to wear either riding boots or ankle boots and socks. This combo ensures I can walk (or run) comfortably to my flight while also protecting my feet from the airport floor when going through security. 

Navy Long Sleeve T: J. Crew / Navy Blazer: Brooks Brothers / Jeans: LOFT / Scarf: Hermes / Boots: Salvatore Ferragamo / Purse: J. Crew 

Until next time, safe travels!