Carry On Travel Essentials

Happy Thursday! Last night Jason and I flew up to Maine for a quick trip so I thought it was a great time to share my carry on essentials that keep me fresh and comfortable before, during and after the flight. 

Carry On Bag

When it comes to the perfect carry on bag, I've had a few over the years in leather, cotton and nylon. While they've all been great in their own ways, my current go-to is the classic Longchamp travel tote. I love this bag because it's super lightweight, can fold into the tiniest size for storage and lasts forever. I picked mine up in Paris (the day after Jason and I got engaged) so it's extra special to me. 


Even though I'm not hugely into in-flight beauty treatments, I do like to have some bits on hand that make me feel fresh when I land. For me, these include a great hydrating facial mist, lip/cheek combo, hand cream and hair brush. Beyond that, I also keep my travel makeup bag with me in case I need to freshen up my makeup before landing. 

Entertainment & Food

One of the things that make flights enjoyable for me is a great book and healthy snacks. To cut down on how much I need to carry, I absolutely adore my kindle and can't recommend it enough if you're an avid reader. When I lived in the city I didn't take a single subway ride without mine and now I can't survive long trips without it.

For food, I love trail mix or mixed nuts (Trader Joe's has some great pre-packaged options) and water. I would love to have a reusable water bottle like the one here but I haven't gotten my hands on one yet so I usually (begrudgingly) pick up a bottle of water at the airport. 


I already shared my go-to travel outfit on Monday, but I thought I would mention again that I always carry on a pashmina to double as a blanket, and my sunglasses so they don't get damaged in my luggage. Unfortunately, the pashmina I have was a gift so I can't link it here, but I've included some similar alternatives in case you're looking for one. 

What are you're in-flight travel essentials? Do you have anything you absolutely cannot live without? Let me know in the comments down below and I hope you have a lovely day!

Until next time,