Thanksgiving Packing List

This year, Jason and I are driving down to Florida to be with my family for Thanksgiving and I'm SO excited!! Overall this will be a relatively short trip but I thought I'd show you what I packed none-the-less. As always, I've linked as many of the items pictured as possible in case you're interested. I have also linked similar alternatives for anything that is no longer available. 

Packing List

  1. White Shirt

  2. Plaid Shirt

  3. Long Sleeve Black Tee

  4. Short Sleeve White Tee

  5. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

  6. Medium Wash Jeans

  7. Black Skirt

  8. Blazer

  9. Silk Scarf

  10. Crossbody Purse

  11. Ankle Boots

  12. Ballet Flats

  13. Makeup & Toiletries

  14. Statment Necklace

Are you heading out of town for the holiday? If so, I hope you have a safe trip and very happy Thanksgiving! 

Until next time,