Winter Capsule Wardrobe Planning and Inspiration

It's that time again - capsule wardrobe planning! Even though the official first day of winter is December 21st, I always wait until after the holidays to change out any pieces I want to add or remove for the winter season. One of the main reasons being that I like to alleviate as much stress as possible during the busy holiday season, and adding a closet change to my plate just seems unnecessary.

Instead, I'd rather spend the holidays focused on the things and people I love the most. Plus, by waiting until after the holidays I'm able to score some items on sale - which is always a good thing.

With this approach in mind, today's post is all about the things I've either already purchased for the new season or the items I'm planning on purchasing. Also, I've included some things that are inspiring my capsule this season as well as a beauty update I'm planning to make.

- The Inspiration & Color Palette -

Before I jump into the items I'm hoping to purchase, let's start with my goal, color palette and inspiration this season. Since moving I've been working hard to streamline my wardrobe even more than it already is. With our minimized closet space (similar to what we had in NY), and more mild winters, I've had a strong urge to reduce my closet even further. I've already cleaned out and sold/donated a good portion but hope to do even more in the coming weeks. 

When it comes to what's inspiring me this season, it's all about minimal, classic looks that can really take me the distance. From Emanuel Alt to Sophia Coppola I'm loving simple, monochromatic looks that draw on classic separates for maximum impact.

To translate this into my wardrobe and make this approach my own, I will be relying on a few beauty tweaks, blazers, shoes and accessories to elevate my closet of classic basics.

As I do each season, I've been pinning up a storm in preparation for my closet change and have linked a few of my favorite pics below. If you're interested in seeing more of what I'm loving you can pop on over on my Pinterest for all things classic and timeless.

Beyond updating my basics with great accessories, I love to make beauty tweaks when I want a change without needing to spend a ton of money. This season, I hope to transition my go-to blush for a deeper, winter shade like this one, experiment more with rich brown eyeshadow and make a chop to my locks that are getting too long. Below, are some of my hair muses for the upcoming season and I'll definitely let you know how my haircut turns out. 

- Color Palette -

My color palette this upcoming season is based in neutrals with some staple accents to tie it all together. By working with a base of classic staples in black, navy, white, ivory and grey, my accessories will serve as the perfect addition to an otherwise neutral palette.

Plus, I want this capsule to serve as the perfect example of just how essential accessories are to changing up a look. 

- The Items -

Now that I've shared my inspiration and though process behind this season's capsules I'm excited to share the pieces I'm coveting.


1. First up,is this gorgeous pair of earrings from Baublebar. Not only are these earrings the perfect blend of classic and trendy but the colors will work beautifully with my closet.

2. Even though I technically have a black jacket that could pass for tweed, this new J.Crew release is too gorgeous to pass up - plus the price seems right for a jacket of such beautiful quality and construction. That said, I'm likely going to wait until after the holidays to see if it goes on sale at all for an even better deal.

3. While I love my everyday eyeshadow palette, I've recently become interested in this gorgeous little number. I've tried other NARS products and really liked them, but haven't tried any of the shadows yet. If you have, I'd love to know what you think in the comments below.

4. When it comes to jeans, you know that I prefer darker wash, ankle grazing denim that can be dressed up or down. That said, I've recently grown tired of the super skinny jeans that have become a mainstay for many brands. Case in point are my lovely LOFT skinny jeans that I have worn so much that they have lost there shape (not completely surprising given their lower price point). For the upcoming season I'm looking for a pair that can replace my LOFT jeans but won't offer the standard super skinny fit so I have my eye on this relatively new release from Levi's. 

5. Next up isn't a fashion buy per-se, but I included it because it's over $100 and something that I have been thinking about for a long time. At the moment I'm using a lovely but very small makeup bag that doesn't quite fit my daily essentials. To amend this, I have my eye on this beautiful travel set that has received rave reviews. I've ordered it as my Christmas gift this year and I'll definitely let you know what I think. 

6. As you know, I love cashmere sweaters and I love Everlane. I currently have a plain black and navy option but have decided to add a grey one to my collection as well. The one pictured above is from J. Crew but I think I'm going to go with Everlane again because I've been incredibly happy with both the quality and fit of their sweaters.

7. In line with my beauty updates for this season I have my eye on Hourglass for a deeper hued blush. As the moment I use a gorgeous, naturally rosey shade but am excited to try a darker shade this season.

8. It should come as no surprise that I LOVE striped shirts so I have to practice real constraint when it comes to not buying every single one I come across. That said, at the moment I have one slim fit striped tee that I love, but I often find myself longing for a looser fitting option so I have my eye on this great one from J. Crew.

9. Another purchase on the beauty front is this beautiful blush brush from Sigma. Since I'm in the market for a new blush brush, I think I'll give this beautiful blush brush from Sigma a try. Also, I'm planning an everyday makeup video and post soon so I'll be sure to include this Sigma option if it makes the final cut. 

10. To accompany my new haircut I have my eye on this texture spray that has some of the best reviews I've ever read. If I make the plunge and add it to my haircare routine I'll be sure to let you know what I think.

11. My go-to ankle boots have recently worn out so I'm excited to upgrade soon. To fit the bill I have my eye on this gorgeous pair from Marc Fisher that have amazing reviews.    

12. Last but certainly not least is a new silk scarf with rich winter hues. This lovely number from Ann Taylor seems to fit the bill and I'm excited to pop into a shop sometime soon to see it in person.

That's a wrap! That's everything I have in mind for the coming winter season but I'd love to know what you're planning to add to your own wardrobes. Let me know in the comments down below and I hope you have a wonderful Friday.

Until next time,