Monday Must-Have: Nautical Accessories

Nautical Accessories Vintage Nautical Print Silk Scarf Chanel Ballet Flats J Crew Sand Dollar Necklace

Good morning and happy Monday! We are experiencing an absolutely frigid start to the week here in New York. Despite the chilling temps, the overcast, calm feel of the low hung winter sky always makes me think of the coast. This undeniable connection causes me to reach for my nautical pieces even more than usual. From scarves to blazers to necklaces, nautical accessories are an absolute must-have in my book and thus, the topic of today's post. 

From subtle nods to full-blown dedications, nautical touches add the perfect amount of classic character to any look. Over the years my love affair with nautical fair has grown exponentially and I can honestly say I've never met an anchor or stripe I didn't love. Below, I have rounded up some of my favorite nautical inspiration to help fuel your seafaring fire. 

Fisherman Sweaters

1 , 2

Striped T's

1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Straw Hats

1 , 2

Nautical Scarves

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Until next time!