Monday Must-Have: A Signature Scent

Happy Monday and I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today's "Monday Must-Have" is dedicated to one of my favorite beauty products - perfume. When it comes to perfume I love to look at and explore the countless options but rarely stray from my signature scent. For me, scent is the ultimate accessory. A signature scent acts as our own personal calling card and shares who we are in a way that scarves, jewelry and purses can't. To me, a signature scent signifies the next level in self expression and tells the world that you truly know who you are. Often intimate and always personal, I think fragrance is the perfect way to round out your look and leave a lasting impression on those closest to you. While I have experimented with a few different perfumes over the years, I recently honed in on a signature scent and couldn't be happier. I love having a high-quality staple that I can rely on day in and day out, and love knowing that I am establishing my personal fragrance i.d. everywhere I go. 

Until next time!