Packing Light: The In-Flight Essentials

If I had it my way, I would travel constantly. Whether it be by plane, train or automobile I love all that travel entails from the preparation to the anticipation and of course the final experience. As you know if you saw my last two travel posts here and here, I prefer to travel light and only pack 1 carefully planned carry-on. I shared how I use versatile, classic pieces and multiple accessories stretch the longevity of these pieces but only touched on what I pack for the flight itself. So, today I want to share what I tend to pack on my person to save me from boredom, unpredictable plane temperatures and dehydrated flight conditions.   


When it comes to staying hydrated on dry, congested planes I have a two pronged approach that goes beyond just drinking tons and tons of water. The first is to prep my skin before take-off with hydrating products like the new and luxurious Honest Beauty Everything Primer. This product is perfect for air-travel because it adds a touch of luminance and hydration to the skin and can be worn alone or under makeup to make your skin glow. I also load up on the gorgeous RMS Beauty Living Luminizer which instantly makes you look like you just left the best yoga session and followed it up with a tall glass of green juice. The next thing I do is to look after my skin during the flight by applying hydrating lip balm as needed, and spritzing my face with a delightful hydrating mist to wake up my skin and help me feel a little less claustrophobic. I have linked the products I rely on below in case you're interested but whatever you're loving at the moment will work perfectly as well. My only word of caution would be to avoid products containing alcohol because it can be extremely drying to the skin. The last beauty bit I always pack is my trusty Mason Pearson hairbrush and a classic hair clip so that I can freshen up before landing. 


To avoid boredom on the plane I always bring Kindle and sometimes a great picture heavy fashion or beauty book depending on how long the flight is and what kind of experience I want to have. Before every flight, I ensure that my kindle is fully stocked with a few different books just in case I want to change up what I'm reading. If the flight is on the shorter side and I'm looking for fashion or beauty ideas I will be sure to pack an amazing (not too heavy book) to flip through along with my Kindle. I like doing this to save me from buying a costly magazine at the airport in a desperate need for inspiration. 


As you know from my last packing posts, I try and wear some of my heavier, multi-tasking items (like sweaters, jackets and belts) on the plane to save suitcase space. In addition to those I also like to wear a pashmina or scarf depending on where I'm headed. Not only do these look fabulous and make your travel outfit a little more special but they can also double as a blanket during chilly flights. For a purse, I like to bring a crossbody bag for hands free airport navigation and ultimately throw all of these items (and my purse when the time comes) into a larger satchel that can be easily stored under the seat. I love my Longchamp for this but any lightweight, durable bag will do. 

Until next time, happy travels!