How To: Tie A Square Silk Scarf 5 Ways

As you know, I love silk scarves. Not only do I love to collect these beauties, but I also love styling them in different ways and love to wear them almost every day. Whether tied on my handbag, in my hair or around my neck, I think silk scarves make the perfect addition to just about any look. For these reasons I thought it would be fun to share some of the top ways I style my silk scarves. The first installment in this new series will focus on the square scarf, and I will share 5 easy to recreate ways that I wear mine around my neck. In coming posts I will also share how I wear them on my purses, wrists, in my hair and more but for now, here are my 5 go-to ways of styling square scarves.

The V-Neck Back Tie

The first tie is one that I wear all the time because it's so easy. I've titled this tie the v-neck back tie because it is perfect for jazzing up v-neck t's and other open neck tops and blazers as I've done here. To achieve this....

  1. Fold the square in half so it's a triangle
  2. Now, tie the scarf around your neck with the v in front and the points in the back
  3. Play around with it until it looks right and you're done! 

The Petite Side Knot 

This scarf tie is perfect for higher necklines and even turtlenecks but like all the ties here, it can also be worn with open or lower necklines. To achieve this tie you will need a small square silk scarf and the following steps. 

  1. Fold the scarf corner to corner so it's a small triangle
  2. Next, fold the scarf in half again so that the point of the triangle is touching the straight edge
  3. Now continue to fold the scarf on itself until you have a narrow rectangle
  4. At this point all you need to do is wrap the rectangle around your neck and tie it off to one side or in front

The Large Side Knot 

The next tie is probably the one I wear most often because it compliments just about any outfit and can be worn with larger square scarves. This tie is almost identical to the "Petite Side Knot" except for one small difference outlined below. 

  1. Follow steps 1-3 of the "Petite Side Knot" tie
  2. Once you have a long rectangle, wrap it around your neck twice until all you're left with is the two points of the rectangle
  3. Lastly, tie the ends together so that they slightly overlap the two wraps and are either facing the front or off to one side and you're good to go! 

The V-Neck Front Tie

As you can probably tell from the name, this tie is almost identical to the "V-Neck Back Tie" and looks amazing with polos and button-downs. To achieve this look, grab your favorite medium or large square silk scarf and follow the steps below. 

  1. Fold the scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck so that the points are in the back
  2. Bring both points around to the front and tie them over the v 
  3. Arrange as you like and you're done

The Long Tie

I debated including this tie because it's almost too easy! That said though, it's also one of the reasons I love it so much. This tie looks amazing with crew neck sweaters and turtlenecks alike but can also be worn over tank tops in the summer because it hangs away from the neck. To achieve this, grab either a medium or large square scarf and follow these steps. 

  1. Follow steps 1-3 of the "Petite Side Knot"
  2. When you have a long rectangle simply drape it around your neck so that both points are facing front
  3. Finally, tie the two points together as close to your neck as you like et voilà!

Until next time!