Word On The Street: April 15, 2016

Happy Friday! This week has been filled with lovely spring weather, productivity and fun - what more can you ask for. I'm looking forward to soaking up every second of sun this weekend with a short break to see The Jungle Book. Until then though, word on the street is.....

1. A little known fact about me is that I studied opera performance in college. While I eventually took a different career path, I cherish my training and adore anything opera related. Needless to say, I can NOT wait to see Meryl Streep's performance as the "worlds worst opera singer." 

2. Speaking of music, I passed the new Steinway flagship in the city the other day and was blown away by how lovely it is. This feature on TownAndCountry.com was perfectly timed and I am eager to take a more detailed tour of the shop soon. 

3. In case you missed it, I rounded up my three favorite dry shampoos on Monday and shared my five favorite square silk scarf ties on Thursday. 

Until next time, have  a great weekend!