Monday Must-Have: Classic Chinos

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When it comes to the warmer months, I love trading my woolen slacks for chinos. These timeless staples are not only super comfortable, but also come in an array of colors to add the perfect pizazz to any spring or summer look. As the temperatures slowly rise here in the city I am revamping my chino collection and thought it was the perfect time to share some of my faves. So, whether you already have your go-to faves or are looking for your introductory pair, I think that you can't go wrong with these streamlined bottoms. 

Perfect for pairing with heels and a t or a blazer and flowy blouse, chino pants are as timeless and versatile as they are comfortable. With that said, I think chinos need to meet a few requirements in order to constitute a quality pair. The first of these requirements is that they are predominantly cotton. I prefer mine with 98% cotton and 2% spandex for optimal comfort and a fit that holds it shape. By striking this delicate balance, I'm able to avoid an overly boxy fit that can skew a little too masculine while still looking crisp. Plus, the spandex insures that I'm able to avoid a stretched out look as the day goes on - especially in the heat. 

When it comes to colors, chinos are often available in every hue imaginable. To ensure that I can mix and match my chinos with the other items in my wardrobe I strive for a classic medium blue and nantucket red. Both of these shades are eternally classic and can be paired with stripes and solids galore. 

The final point I like to consider when choosing a pair of chinos is the length. I like mine to hit at the ankle so that I can wear them with loafers, sandals, boat shoes and heels alike. For a pair to also get extra credit, they should be long enough to be rolled once or twice without looking sloppy. Below I have linked some of my faves that are available now and I hope they help you lock down a new pair of your own. Also, the LOFT chinos are something straight out of a dream and I already bought 2! 

Until next time!