Monday Must-Have: Classic Chino Shorts

Jason and I have been totally engrossed in house hunting lately that I've barely had a chance to think about anything else, let alone what I'm going to wear. With this limited time, I have found myself being happier than ever that I have a core selection of classic pieces that I can mix and match with little to no thought. With this in mind, today's must-have is dedicated to the workhorse of my summer wardrobe - the classic chino shorts. Not only are these essentials super comfortable but they can be dressed up or down all summer long with stripes, oxfords, sandals, flats, boat shoes and more. While these are available in every color under the sun, my go-to's are navy, white and red. Below, I have outlined my faves on the market now and I'll be sharing one of my favorite styling options in the coming days. 

Until next time!