Cuyana Travel Set Review

In my winter capsule planning post I mentioned that I had my eye on the Cuyana Travel Set in blush. 

After doing a bunch of research and reading loads of reviews I finally received this lovely toiletry set for Christmas and couldn't be happier with it.

So, whether you're interested in this set for yourself or someone else, I thought I would share a quick review with you today.

Below, I've outlined the color I got and why along with the composition and size of this set.  


When I first started looking into the Cuyana Travel set I was drawn to the Blush, Ecru and Red but ultimately settled on the Blush. Even though I loved the rich red color and clean ecru, I fell for the blush the more I saw it pop up on other blogs and instagrams and couldn't be happier with my decision. At first I was worried that the blush would be too pink but in-person it isn't at all. Instead, it's the perfect pale pink color that's chic rather than too girly and looks lovely with the gold monogram across the front.  


The composition of this set is on par with high-end leather ware of a much higher price point. Made from 100% Argentinian leather, this set also features beautiful construction and delicate stitching that sets it apart from other cosmetic bags on the market.  


While researching this set I perused countless blog and instagram photos to get a feel for the size but was still surprised when I received it. While the smaller of the two bags was exactly as I imagined it  would be, the larger one with the monogram was much larger. Regardless of this size discrepancy, I am very happy with the size and am so thrilled that I can fit a TON in it including makeup brushes.  

So far, I've had this set for a few weeks and couldn't be happier with it. It has traveled beautifully and still looks brand new despite being packed tightly in my carry-on luggage via both plane and car.

Before I go I'd love to know if you have this set and if you like it. Or, do you have another makeup bag that you love? Let me know in the comments down below and happy Tuesday!

Until next time,