If you saw my Fall Capsule Wardrobe, you know that I'm approaching this season in two phases. Since our weather is still pretty warm here, I'm holding off on the sweaters and heavier tops and bottoms for the next few weeks or months so that they don't just sit in my closet unworn. Instead, I've selected a few lighter weight items that can easily be layered up or down with autumnal accessories to get me through this uber warm October weather. 

Given that I've granted myself some more time to get fully on board with real fall wear, I've been taking note of the items I want to add and wanted to share them with you. With that in mind, here are some of the pieces that I've got my eye on this season. Like always, I'll definitely keep you posted on what I buy. 


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NO. 1 | EVERLANE CASHMERE V-NECK First up on my list is the v-neck cashmere sweater from Everlane. You know how much I love my Everlane cashmere crew sweaters (I have it in black, grey and navy) but lately I've been craving a deeper neckline for layering and showcasing delicate necklaces. The v-neck cashmere from Everlane looks like just what the doctor ordered and if it's anything like the crews then I know I'll love it and wear it often. I have my eye on the black for now but if I love it I may pick it up in another color later down the line. 

No. 2 | RODIN HAIR OIL This season I'm determined to really shorten my hair. Nothing crazy, but I want to at least go up to my shoulders. This new hair inspiration in hand has been dreaming of a streamlined routine that consists of nothing more than hair oil. I'll likely end up settling on a more affordable option, but this Rodin option is too beautiful not to share. 

No 3 | J.CREW TORTOISE SHELL HEADBAND I really love hair accessories and own quite a few from J.Crew that I wear often because they're equally cute and well made. This season I'm craving headbands as a way to get my hair out of my face and this tortoise shell option from J.Crew looks perfect. 

No. 4 | EVERLANE SUEDE HEEL BOOT Even though I don't include shoes in my capsules each season, I don't have very many and those that I do have I tend to wear into the ground. For that reason, a few of mine are starting to looks a little worse for wear and can't be resoled or buffed back to life so I have my eye on a few new additions. First up is this pair of suede ankle boots from Everlane. I love ankle boots and wear them almost exclusively during the colder months which is why I'm justifying the addition of one more pair. I already have a black pair and a brown pair that I love for every day and wear a ton but I've been longing for a suede pair with a slightly higher heel for quite some time now. Unsurprisingly, these beauties from Everlane seem perfect and will go with everything from jeans to skirts and dresses. 

No. 5 | VANELI ALIZ PUMPS In line with the Everlane Suede Heel Boots, I'm also eyeing these Chanel dupes by Vaneli. I've seen these on a few bloggers and YouTubers and really love their versatility. My only hesitation with these is that they're technically slingbacks and I don't typically love those. To work around the slingback issue, I also like this pair by Sam Edelman.  

No. 6 | EVERLANE MID-RISE SKINNY JEAN I love jeans and have found that since I started working from home I wear them constantly. As you know, I have a pair of Levi's that I love and have had for years but they are on the looser side of the things. I also have a pair of slimmer leg mid-rise jeans that I love but they have a slightly darker wash and I would love a lighter pair to round things up. Enter, the new mid-rise skinny jeans from Everlane. I love everything about these jeans from the light wash, ankle length and flattering mid-rise which tends to suit my shorter frame better than high-rise. Based on the reviews, I have a feeling I'll love these and if I pick them up I'll be sure to do an in-depth review.