Yesterday, we had our first glimpse of cold weather here in Charleston! Temps were in the 60's most of the day and the slight chill had me dreaming of a few of the ways I want to wear silk scarves this fall and winter. 

Even though I wear silk scarves year-round, they really seem to shine in the cooler months. Not only do they look gorgeous over sweaters and under blazers, but they often add the perfect amount of color and added texture to an otherwise neutral outfit. Below, I've outlined some of my favorite ways to wear this classic staple once the temps drop. 



It may not seem intuitive, but I love to drape my longer scarves over my shoulders and then belt them around my waist. This look is particularly fantastic when worn over a sweater and blazer combo like in the picture to the left. In addition to wearing this look over blazers, it also looks amazing over vests and overcoats. Plus, it's a great way to add visual interest to an otherwise neutral look. 

If you don't want to wear more than one layer, you can just as easily wear this look over just a sweater or blouse for the same effect. My only rule of thumb when opting for this style is to choose a long scarf that has complimentary colors to the other pieces in my outfit. I find that by doing this, it really allows the scarf to shine without clashing. To achieve this look I either fold the scarf into a long rectangle or triangle and then drape it over my shoulders. 


Another way I like to wear my silk scarves in the fall and winter is tied tightly and neatly around my neck. Like most scarf ties, his choker style can technically be worn year-round but I find that it feels less restrictive during the colder months. 

In order to achieve this look, I like to choose one of my small/medium scarves (or a twilly) and then I fold it into a narrow rectangle. Once I have it were I want it, I tie it in the back and make sure the knot isn't visible from the front. 

Like always, I love contrasting scarves for this but I also find that monochromatic options look fantastic too.  




This next way to wear a scarf is so basic that I hesitated including it but it's still one of my favorites. 

When wearing your silk scarf as a belt, it's important to opt for a large scarf. Once you have a scarf picked, just fold it loosely in half and feed it through your belt looks or around your waist. The last step in this tie is to secure it in either a bow or a loose know - both look fantastic!

If instead of a traditional belted look you want a more updated feel, I love the idea of tying your scarf through only a few belt loops like the picture to the left. 

As you can see, the only difference with this approach is that the scarf is just looped through about two belt loops and then secured off to the side in a lopsided drape. Doing this creates visual interest and makes the whole thing feel effortless and chic. 


Last but not least, is one of my favorite ways to wear silk scarves year-round but I'm particularly excited about it for fall. 

This look can be achieved a multitude of ways from a delicate bow like the picture here to a complete wrap around the handle.

Also, you can casually tie the scarf around the handle sans bow and then drape the two ends effortlessly over the straps or sides.