Since the new Instagram algorithm was implemented, I've not only seen a dramatic dip in my own engagement (which has also resulted in my posting less frequently) but I've also noticed a significant decline in the quality of the content I'm able to find. Gone are the days of page after page of endless inspiration leading me to discover inspiring women and accounts from all over the world. Instead, I've found that I need to work harder to find inspiration and have resorted to relying on the recommendations from the people I already follow and love in order to do so. 


One of my favorite bloggers Ashley of Brunch On Chestnut recently shared a few of the Instagram pics that she's been saving and I LOVED this idea so much that I would like to do the same. I thought this method of sharing was a wonderful way to spread inspiration and draw attention to a few of the accounts making beautiful work. So, below are some of the images I've been saving and loving lately. I've listed the sources and a little bit about why I love the image beginning left to right from the top. 

1. @sarafitzstudio Sara's account is one of my favorites because she makes the most beautiful watercolor illustrations, wedding stationery, art prints, note cards and gift wrap - plus, she's based in Maine which you know I love. What drew me to this image though was how beautifully candid it was of an inspiring woman hard at work. 

2. @sabinasavage It should come as no surprise that Sabina Savage of her eponymous, luxury scarf brand is just as chic as her designs. I love following her account to stay on top of her newest prints (I would love to own one someday) and of course get a glimpse into her ultra glamorous life like in this picture. I adore how effortless and chic her look is and plan on recreating the look soon for myself.

3. @onekingslane You know that I love OKL for their endless home decor inspiration so it should be no surprise that I love their Instagram account as well. This picture in particular (designed and photographed by @deVOLKitchens) is everything I love about classic meets modern design and I would love to have the courage to embrace a rich green kitchen one day. 

4. @eileenfisherny Eileen Fisher is one of my favorite brands because I love her effortless approach to fashion that utilizes fewer pieces for greater versatility and that she works to empower women in multi facets beyond just fashion. This image, beautifully encompasses all of this - from the impossibly chic woman who seems completely comfortable with who she is, to her luxe yet simple outfit and the incredible outdoor setting that seems to suggest she actually uses her pieces to enjoy life every day. 

5. @gerihirsch You know how much I love a great blazer so when I daw this combination of an oversized, classic style, slim pants and killer booties I just had to save it for later. 

6. @umeromaan Much like the above image, this one showcases an amazing blazer (and matching pants) that I just loved! That combined with the gorgeous, moody background and I had to keep it for later. 

7. @studioissa The antique vase, fresh blooms, weathered prints and simple table make this picture a decor dream for me. I saved it to reference while decorating my home and it has me so excited for an overdue antique shopping excursion. 

8. @studioissa Next is another image from Studio Issa that is giving me loads of inspiration for our bathroom update that we hope to do soon. I love the simple old fashioned sink and brass hardware, the eye catching painting (I LOVE oil paintings in unexpected places) and the classic subway tiles. 

9. @mypetitedilemma I love a good bag spill picture any day of the week but this one caught my eye because of the tie knot bracelet in the corner. I saved it to remind me to look for something similar to update my fall/winter wardrobe.

10. @blaireadiebee I've been following Blaire for years and although I love her more avant-garde looks, her classic ensembles are my favorites. This image in particular has everything I love about fall in one picture - a pop of red, classic loafers, tweed pants and a plaid scarf. 

11. @jackiegreaney Maine-based Jackie is one of my all-time favorite Instagram accounts. I am completely smitten with her vibrant pictures of New England and how she always manages to capture movement in her pictures that makes me feel like I'm there. This image in particular does a wonderful job of that and it's the perfect dose of fall inspiration.

12. @umeromaan last is another image from the account I mentioned in number 6. Since discovering her account, I have loved following along for endless outfit inspiration shared through beautifully shot candid style photos. This outfit in particular is a great example of the types of looks I hope to create this fall because it's simple and classic but visually interesting with the textured blazer. 

That's everything! I hope you liked this type of post and I would love to know what some of your favorite accounts are or some of the images you've been saving.