Now that cooler weather is finally here to stay, I've picked up 3 new items for my fall/winter capsule wardrobe. Today, I want to share those items with you along with some of the pieces on my wish list - many of which I already shared in this post. Before I hop into the items on my wish list, I want to go over my new additions briefly.


TARGET EARRINGS | First, up are these earrings from Target that I raved about in my October favorites. In a nut shell, these are the perfect hoops to update my existing pieces. They're lightweight, realistic looking and incredibly chic - especially for $7.99.

GRANA CASHMERE TURTLENECK | Next up, is this gorgeous cashmere turtleneck that Grana very graciously sent me. I'm working on in-depth reviews of all the Grana pieces I have so for now, I'll just say that I LOVE this sweater and couldn't be happier with it! I share some more details in my video below. Also, Grana was kind enough to extend a 10% off coupon to my readers again with the code AUDREYXGRANA (valid through the end of November). I think this sweater is already a great deal (especially for the quality) but with the discount code it's truly unbeatable. 

ZARA FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS | The third piece I've picked up for my fall/winter capsule is this pair of faux leather leggings. Before diving into this trend, I was weary that I wouldn't be able to incorporate them into my largely classic wardrobe without feeling like Sandy from Greece. Since receiving them, all my worries have been pushed aside and I'm very happy with them! I already have a few outfit combinations laid out and I'm excited to share them with you soon. 


Now, let's move onto the items on my wish list. First up is a pair of faux suede leggings. Since receiving my faux leather leggings, I've been interested in having a suede pair as well and I currently have my sights set on a pair from Zara. I love that they look instantly luxe, without a hefty price tag and I think I could incorporate them easily into my fall and winter wardrobe. 


Next up is a light colored fedora. You know I love fedoras and I wear my black and green ones frequently but lately I've been loving the look of a light colored topper paired with simple, cozy separates. I've got my eye on one from Reiss and another from Club Monaco but I'm not sure I'll settle on either because they're both a little more than I'd like to spend right now. None-the-less, I've got my eyes open for the perfect addition to my wardrobe. 


In an early post I shared that I would love to add a pair of suede ankle boots to my wardrobe. Since I already have a black leather and brown leather pair, I've been wanting a suede pair to round out some of the looks I've been drawn to lately. Specifically, I love the idea of a winter white outfit completed with a pair of suede booties. The two top contenders right now are this pair from Everlane and this pair from Eileen Fisher but I'll definitely let you know if I settle on either. 



The last purchasable item on my wish list, I have been loving the look of a v-neck cashmere sweater lately. You know that I love cashmere sweaters and over the years I've budgeted to slowly add them to my wardrobe. Since buying my first a few years ago, I have worn them constantly during the cooler months with various bottoms. For a v-neck option, I have my sights set on this one from Everlane and this one from Grana and I'm sure that either would be perfect additions to my wardrobe. 

Last but not least, I have a plaid pencil skirt from Brooks Brothers that I've had for years but need to get taken in - it's recently started fitting a little too loosely around my hips.

I would love to have it in my capsule this fall and winter so I'm making plans to have a tailor work their magic so that I can start wearing this piece again. 



As always, I've put together a quick video outlining these pieces in more detail for you. In this you can also see me try on my new additions. Thanks so much for watching!