5 Reasons I'm Investing In A Beret This Season


There's no doubt about it, the beret is back - though let's be honest, it never really left. From street style stars to the runway, this ever chic topper is popping up everywhere this season and I am fully on board. While I search for my perfect beret, I've rounded up the top 5 reasons I'm adding one (or two) to my closet this season. 


They're Timeless

Whether your picturing Audrey Hepburn or Lauren Becall, just about every chic woman has worn a beret. There's just something so effortless yet put-together about this chic little topper.

At the moment, I'm loving the look of a beret paired with simple separates like cashmere sweaters and jeans but I think they look just as great with a cute skirt and ankle boots.

To up the chic factor, I'm also in love with the look of a monochromatic outfit and matching beret, all off-set with a contrasting coat or sweater.

They Add A Pop To Any Look

If you're like me and your wardrobe consists of mostly simple separates in neutral colors, your accessories are key for injecting color and pattern into your outfits. 

Just like I use silk scarves to add visual interest to my looks, I'm planning on adding slightly colorful berets for the same effect.

They're Practical

Beyond just looking great, berets are also super practical! As the temperatures continue to drop throughout the winter, hats are essential for keeping you warm and a beret is the perfect balance between practical and cute. What's even better is they also help conceal less than great hair days when you a baseball cap is too casual and you don't feel like busting out the fedora. 


They're A Great Way To Play With Color

Much like my earlier reason, I love berets for injecting color into an otherwise neutral outfit.

From green to red to pink, you can find berets in every color under the sun and they're a wonderful way to add just the right amount of color to your outfit without having to invest in a piece you may not wear past this season.  

They're Just Plain Cute!

Every other reason aside, I'm adding a beret to my closet this season because they're just plain cute!

They look great with everything and add the perfect touch to just about any outfit and I can't wait to start rocking them with everything from sweaters to tees and dresses.