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Happy Friday and happy Christmas weekend! I am absolutely tingling with the excitement of the season (and also from working on my hands and knees the past few weeks to get our floors done lol). As we head into the final stretch before the big show, Jason and I are putting the finishing touches on our floors (we should be able to get a tree on the 23rd!) and slowly and carefully moving furniture back in. I can't even put into words how nerve-wracking it is to potentially scratch and undo all of our hard work so we are really taking our time with this one. In addition to finally finishing our little restoration project, this week I've also wrapped up my Christmas shopping both literally and figuratively - you can see my gift-wrapping video here. I've also begun prepping the rest of our house for family and adding some Christmas decor here and there - I'm sharing some of that in my last vlogmas going live on either Saturday or Sunday. I've also been planning out some of the content I want to bring you in 2018 and I am getting so excited to ring in the new year! In the meantime, here are a few of the things I've been loving this week. 

THE CUTEST HOLIDAY AD THIS YEAR | First up is by far the cutest Christmas ad that I've seen in a while. This adorable advert for none other than ALDI featuring Kevin The Carrot is worth the 1 minute watch for a much-needed dose of clever cuteness. 

OCEAN'S 8 | By now I'm sure you've seen the much talked about trailer for Ocean's 8 but just in case you haven't I highly recommend giving it a peak. I've never been a huge fan of the "Ocean" franchise but I have to admit that the all female cast with stand-outs and personal faves like Sandra Bullock, Kate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter has me itching to see it in theaters. 

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AIRBNB'S IN EVERY STATE | I love Airbnb and Jason and I have used it almost exclusively since it first came on the scene. This round-up of the most beautiful Airbnb listings in every state has me itching for a road trip through the US - Connecticut is my personal fave. 

THE BEST WINE PAIRINGS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER + COOKIES | With Christmas dinner practically upon us, I love this round-up of the best wines to pair with each meal and of course cookie that you may serve

FRAMA ST. PAUL EAU DE PARFUM | Last but not least, I recently discovered this newly launched fragrance line that has me weak at the knees with it's chic, minimal packaging. I was particularly blown away by this gorgeous video the brand put together