5 Free Ways To Spread The Love This Valentine's Day

Happy Tuesday and I hope you're having a great week. With Valentine's Day next week (is it just me or is this year flying by??) I've been thinking about some of my favorite ways that Jason and I have celebrated over the 10 years that we've been together. Even though there have been years that we've gone out for dinner or seen a movie, by far my favorite v-day celebrations haven't cost us a dime so today I want to share my 5 favorite ways to spread the love this year without dropping a dollar. Whether you're dating, engaged, married or single each of these displays of affection are perfect for showing someone that you care. 

Get Cookin'

Whether we're cooking together or for each other, I love the idea of making a meal for the ones you love. Especially on a day like Valentine's Day whipping up breakfast in bed for your significant other or having friends over for an at-home cooking party is a great way to show that you care. 

Let Me Count The Ways

Another favorite of mine is to put into words all of the things I love about another person. Whether I say it out loud throughout the day, leave little notes scattered around the house or put it all together in a hand-made booklet or love letter, I think that taking the time to actually tell another person why they're important to you is such a lovely gesture. Plus, this particular display of affection works just as well for significant others as it does for parents, siblings and friends so that everyone can feel the love this Valentine's Day. 

Movie Night In

As someone who loves movies, I am thrilled each time Jason and I stay in to watch a flick. Plus, with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more it's never been easier to stream a movie for free this Valentine's Day.

Take A Hike

Next, involves getting out of the house and dedicating some tech-free time to one another. Weather permitting, I love to spend an afternoon taking a hike or strolling on the beach with no distractions. Not only does this cost nothing, but it's a great way to reconnect in nature without modern distractions. 


Last but certainly not least is a great way to spread the love to those less fortunate. Even though any day is great for volunteering, I think Valentine's Day is especially wonderful for it. Whether you work a shift at the food bank or even just donate some of your unused clothing (especially coats are great during these cold months), giving to others is such a lovely way to let people know that someone, somewhere is thinking of them. 

That's everything! Those are 5 of my favorite cost-free displays of affection for Valentine's Day. I hope that these ideas, even though basic help inspire you to spread the love without spending a dime this year and I hope you have a great rest of the day.

Until next time,