5 Ways My Style Has Changed Since Moving

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a nice weekend and were lucky enough to also have a 3-day weekend. On the heels of last week's post about what I miss and don't miss about NYC, I thought I would share the ways my style has changed since making such a big move. 

Below, I've listed the 5 top ways my sartorial choices have changed slightly, and some of my closet staples that I rely on despite the move - which in my opinion is a true testament to a classic closet staple. 

Easily the most noticeable difference in my style has been the lack of sweaters. Even though I still have my small collection of sweaters, I find that I reach for them less and less.

Instead, the warmer year-round weather down here coupled with my working from home has resulted in me swapping sweaters for tees more often than not.

That said though, I still have some stand-by classics that I always have on hand for when the temps do drop lower than I'd like. Plus, I never advocate getting rid of well-made pieces you love just because they don't fit your current stage in life so I intend to hold onto my sweaters for years to come and pull them out when I need them.  

Next up is another fairly obvious one but I still thought I should mention it. Like my less frequent sweater wear, I also find myself reaching for heavy outerwear less overall.

Instead of my camel coat and black wool coat, I have been opting for just my Barbour jacket for almost all of the fall and winter seasons.

Also like my sweaters though I plan on holding onto these two classics for years to come despite being moved to the back of my closet for the near future.   

This next one should come has no surprise but since moving back down south I have found myself craving more color than before.

While I doubt I will ever have a closet brimming with fuscia and rich purple, I have enjoyed opting for some more colorful options lately.

There's just something about not having to worry about soiling your lighter fair that have been excited to wear pale blue and light peach more in the coming months. 

More skirts text.jpg

Next up is one that I never expected before I moved because I have never been much of a skirt wearer. Despite always having a standard little black skirt hanging in my closet, I often opted for pants and jeans to suit the cooler temps up north.

Now that I've got warmer weather year-round again, I have been surprised to find that skirts are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to wear. Not only do I love the ease of them, but I love how airy and feminine they are - even on the hottest days. 

Plus, I love that with the simple addition of tights I can wear them year-round. 


In addition to skirts, I've also been turning to dresses more than ever since relocating out of the city.

Like skirts, I love that dresses are lightweight, comfortable, effortless and versatile. After being reminded of the sticky often stifling summer weather down south, I have been dreaming of light as air sundresses even more.

In preparation for the warmer weather I've even picked up this blue and white beauty and can't wait to wear it soon. 


There you have it! Those are the top 5 ways that my style has changed since moving back down south. In addition to the above, I have to say that relocating has really opened my eyes to the pieces that I wear consistently regardless of the season or my geographical location. Below, I've linked these pieces in case you're curious and I hope you have a great rest of the day!

Until next time,