5 Simple Tweaks To Take Your Look From Winter To Spring

With Spring right around the corner it can be super tempting to jump straight into sundresses and sandals but unfortunately the weather doesn't always match our dreams of sunshine. With this difficult transition in mind, today I'm sharing 5 tips that help me ensure that I'm Spring-ready without jumping the gun too soon. 

My first tip when transitioning from Winter to Spring is to swap my standard black skirt for a flowy, floral number. Not only does the quintessentially spring print instantly take your look into the next season but it allows you to still stay warm up top.

In the look above I've paired my go-to long sleeve tee with either a black skirt or floral one depending on the season, and kept my footwear simple with basic flats because I don't have to deal with last-minute snow storms anymore. If you do though, you can just as easily pair this same combo with a pair of cute booties for a look that's equal parts spring and winter for when Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind. Plus, to keep the spring look even sunnier you can throw on a straw hat for the perfect topper. 

My next tip is the one I rely on the most. Starting with a simple base of a t-shirt and pants or t-shirt and jeans I love to layer up with a tweed blazer or coat, wool fedora and cozy scarf for winter. To transition this same base to spring I swap the tweed for a lightweight option (denim is great in the spring), a straw hat and simple accessories. 

Next is a super simple swap that instantly transforms any look. Take a t-shirt and jeans for example, by pairing that combo with a pair of booties you're fall/winter ready. Now, take that same combo and swap the booties for espadrilles and you have a look that's ready for spring. 

My second to last tip is another super simple swap that subtly nods to warmer weather without leaving your freezing. As the first hints of spring start to appear I love to trade my sweaters for flowy blouses but still stick to my jeans and booties that have gotten me through the fall and winter. The end result is a look that blends winter and spring effortlessly. 

Last but not least is to trade blue jeans for white. By making this simple tweak your look is instantly lightened up and ready for warmer weather ahead. Plus, to keep this combo from feeling too winter chic I also like to pair it with ballet flats rather than boots. 

Below, I've embedded the corresponding YouTube video that I put together of these looks for you to take a peak. I hope you enjoy!

Until next time,