On Turning 30

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend full of fun and relaxation. I was lucky enough to spend mine celebrating my 30th birthday and I feel fully ready to take on my 30th year.

To kick things off, I chowed down on some of the most delicious cookies in Charleston (courtesy of my sister!). Later that night, Jason and I grabbed a delicious dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants in town which included a quiet stroll there and back - ah the perks of finally living downtown. The rest of our evening was full of Netflix and cuddles with our fur babies. 

Saturday we spent the morning doing some yard work (we planted some Star Jasmine that I'm hoping will grow along our fence). Later that day we caught a matinee of Beauty and The Beast and then had a delicious dinner of Fish and Chips.

Now that I've had a few days to adjust to my new decade I thought I'd share 30 things I've learned in my brief 30 years of life so far. 

  1. Live every day to the fullest
  2. NEVER pass up an opportunity for a great meal 
  3. Traveling is a gift - if you're lucky enough to be able to travel do it with an open mind and as frequently as possible
  4. Life is too short - never take it for granted 
  5. Never take your health for granted 
  6. Never take the health of your loved ones for granted
  7. Say "I love you" every time you feel it
  8. Always try new things - and try to do so without fear
  9. Few things are softer than dog ears....
  10. Except for maybe cat ears
  11. Paris really IS always a good idea... but so are so many other lovely cities on this amazing planet
  12. I want to live in a Nancy Meyers film 
  13. When in doubt, a "Little Black Dress" is always appropriate 
  14. Make a decision, then make it right - excellent advice from my Grandad that I find truer every year
  15. Your time is too precious to always say "yes"
  16. If you don't ask you'll never know - wonderful advice from my mom that I try and live every day
  17. Along those same lines, try and have the courage to go after what you want
  18. Sing often 
  19. Always work on self improvement - constantly challenge yourself to grow personally and professionally 
  20. Count experiences, not possessions 
  21. Encourage and support those around you - there's room for everyone to be successful 
  22. Read often
  23. Always stop and smell the roses
  24. Don't be afraid to fail - but do be afraid of not learning from your mistakes
  25. Pay yourself first - very valuable advice from my dad that couldn't be more true
  26. Surround yourself only with things you love
  27. When in doubt act with compassion
  28. On that same note, always opt for empathy - you never know what someone is going through 
  29. Never stop learning.... take every opportunity to learn something new (big or small)
  30. And last but not least, I still have so much left to learn

Until next time,