1 Shirt, 4 Ways | Grana Short Sleeve Silk Shirt

It's time for another installment of #Project144! In today's post I'm styling my new Grana Short Sleeve Silk Shirt across all four seasons. Since discovering this brand a few months ago I can't get enough of their simple, classic separates that rival Everlane in the world of clean closet staples and radical transparency. In fact, I recently picked up a few more pieces for my spring summer wardrobe that I can't wait to share with you soon. In the meantime though, I want to share a little backstory on how I discovered this brand.

As you know, my beloved Everlane Round Neck Silk Shirt finally called it quits earlier this year. So, while searching for a replacement I found Grana and almost couldn't believe my eyes. Was it possible that another Everlane-esque shop could have been there all along without my knowledge?The answer is a resounding YES and after perusing their site for a bit and doing some basic Pinterest sleuthing, I was completely hooked!

I immediately fell for their approach to simple dressing and promises of quality over quantity so I promptly reached out letting them know that I was placing an order and would love to share their items with my readers. A few emails later and they have graciously agreed to send me the shirt you see here and offer all of you an exclusive 10% off + free shipping worldwide with the code AUDREYxGRANA (for new customers only and valid until the end of June)! So, without further ado let's hop into the looks and my mini review. 

For winter I plan on layering my Grana short sleeve silk shirt under cozy sweaters like my L.L. Bean fisherman sweater.

This combo can easily be paired with jeans or pants for a more polished look and ankle booties to keep my feet warm but still put-together. 

To complete the look I picked my favorite clutch and simple bangle bracelet

Now that the weather is warmer I love to pair my Grana shirt with denim cut-offs and simple flats. To keep it from feeling too casual I opt for a hat to complete the look. 

When I want to elevate the look even further I like to pile on the bangles. Plus, I can easily throw a simple cardigan or blazer on top if I get chilly indoors or at night with the AC blasting. 

With summer basically here in Charleston I've been pairing my shirt with loose, lightweight shorts for a relaxed feel.

To dress things up a bit I like to pair this combo with espadrilles and for a more casual vibe, flat sandals are perfect. 

For this particular look I completed everything with some bangles and my new favorite BaubleBar necklace that compliments the white shirt perfectly. 


When summer gives way to fall I plan on layering my shirt with blanket scarves to keep me warm enough for chilly nights but cool enough during the day. Comfy jeans and ankle booties complete the look.

As the weather gets chillier, I plan on topping it all with a blazer for a polished look. 

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this review let me say that I love this shirt and am seriously impressed with Grana so far!

Not only is the silk super soft, but I find that it's on par with the Everlane pieces that I've owned - and it's less expensive! 

As far as construction goes, this shirt seems to be really well made. The buttons are fastened securely and the seams are all even and neat. 

Currently, this shirt is available in four colors and I picked up the classic off white which I find to be the perfect shade. Instead of being optic white, this top is a lovely ivory color that suits everything in my wardrobe and is easily dressed up or down. 

When it comes to the sizing I find that Grana runs slightly smaller than Everlane and seems to suit petites quite well - specifically in the arms and overall length. For example, in most Everlane tops I take a size XXS but in Grana the XS fits perfectly (I am 5'4" and typically wear an XXS in J.Crew). 

All-in-all, I highly recommend Grana and couldn't be happier with this lovely shirt. Like most pieces that I allow into my carefully curated closet, this Grana shirt is a versatile piece that I can wear year-round. I also filmed a corresponding video showcasing each of these looks in more detail that you can view below or over on my YouTube channel.