SS Capsule Inspiration

Today's post is one of my favorite types to do. With spring nearly over and summer just a few days away I am happy to finally be sharing my spring summer capsule wardrobe inspiration. As I do each season, these images, color palette and items are the things helping me stay focused on what I want my style to be this season. Below, I've outlined all of this so you can see where I've been headed this season. Also, I'm finally filming my actual capsule soon so be on the lookout for that either later this week or next.

Before we hop into it though I want to also say that I'm filming my comprehensive guides to minimizing your own wardrobe, honing in on your personal style and creating your ideal capsule. Those videos will be up this week and next and I hope they help you finally achieve wardrobe bliss. So, let's hop into my inspiration for this season. 

To kick things off each season I like to hone in on some outfit combinations that are inspiring me. To do this I search everything from Pinterest to Instagram to fashion magazines, clothing catalogues for brands I love and even my favorite fashion bloggers. While doing this I try and take special note of not only the looks I'm loving but why. For example, do I like the proportions or the colors or both? Also, I try and take note of the silhouettes I'm drawn to and if they suit me and my personal style and wardrobe. Below, I've outlined some of my favorite combos this season but you can see even more over on my Pinterest here.  

This season I'm particularly drawn to clean lines, neutral colors, rich straw and leather accents and gold accessories. As you can see below, I'm finding that my style is taking a more streamlined turn these days and monochromatic, earthy looks seem to be my cup of tea these days. I don't know if it's the more laid back lifestyle here in Charleston or the fact that I spend more time in the sun than I did in NY, but my style has recently become more fuss-free and I couldn't be happier about it. 

Once I hone in on the looks that I'm loving for the season I like to hone in on the colors that make up those looks. In the case of my spring/summer capsule I'm loving white, cream and grey as my main foundational colors with accents of denim, light blue and black. To top everything off I'm craving accessories in green, pink and rich brown and tan. 


I've mentioned this before, but one of my favorite ways to update my look each season is through my beauty looks.

Just like a great hat or new pair of shoes are a great way to update your overall look, slight tweaks to your hair and go-to makeup look can have just as big of an impact.

This season in particular I'm excited for peachy, earthy blush and bronzer hues as well as a shorter hairdo.

As the temperatures rise here in Charleston and I settle into my 30th year I'm craving slightly shorter hair that can dry faster and get me out the door quicker. I'm headed to the hairstylist this afternoon for a chop and am excited to share that with you all soon. In the meantime, here are some of the inspiration pics I'm bringing with me. 

The last thing I like to do each season when planning out my capsule is to set up a mood board that helps encompass the mood, colors and feel that I'm striving for. This season I'm feeling particularly inspired by neutral, earthy tones, laid back looks that consist of classic separates and taking time to enjoy the little things like slow brunches, fresh flowers and afternoon cafe visits. 

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