How To Stay Chic In The Heat

Now that summer is in full swing, it's become increasingly difficult to feel chic and put together. In fact, as I type this it is 95 degrees in downtown Charleston with a heat index of 110! That said though, I do have some tricks that I rely on to help me feel fresh and polished when it's insanely hot outside.

To share these tips with you I put together a detailed video that you can view below or over on my YouTube channel. I also outlined these tips below for you and as always, thank you so much for watching and I hope that you enjoy!

By now you probably know that I LOVE layers to really round out my looks. Throughout the cooler months I rely on blazers, sweaters shawls, hats and such to add visual interest to my outfits. Unfortunately, when the temperatures rise in the summer it can be difficult to wear my usual pieces, so I turn to standout jewelry like statement necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets instead. I find that these pieces add interest without adding heat - the perfect win-win for these scorching temps. Plus, there are few things chicer than a casual up-do and statement earrings in summer. Below, I've linked some amazing statement jewelry available now. 

As you know, one of my favorite accessories of all time is silk scarves. I wear them constantly and with just about every look but they can be tricky to pull off in the dead of summer. Rather than pack them up 'til fall, I just tie them around my handbag or in my hair instead of around my neck. I find that this allows me to still incorporate this classic essential into my outfits without melting. 

Three more accessories that I love for pulling my look together in warmer weather are statement bags, hats and shoes. Much like statement jewelry I find that these pieces add interest without resulting in heat stroke and are some of the easiest ways to round out a simple outfit of airy basics. For example, I can easily wear a simple t-shirt dress but throw on a pair of great sandals and all of a sudden my look is polished rather than boring. Likewise with a great hat or statement bag. Below, I've linked some amazing statement shoes available now and some hats that are too cute to pass up. Plus, hats have the added bonus of sun protection making them a practical accessory as well. 

The next thing I do when trying to feel polished in the heat is to wear lightweight pieces that mimic the classic tailoring of cooler weather items. For example, my new favorite short sleeve silk shirt has clean shoulder lines, finished hems, a collar and delicate buttons. All of these details help the piece to feel crisp and clean while still staying cool thanks to the lightweight fabric. I find that by doing this I'm able to ease into warmer weather ware rather than jumping straight from trousers and button downs into denim cut-offs and tees - which can feel too drastic of a change. Also as a side note, if silk is too sweater for you in the heat then opt for linen and cotton. 

Much like I look for classic tailoring in my summer tops, I strive for the same details in my bottoms. Specifically, I love pockets, belt loops and pleating in my shorts and skirts because these details keep everything neat and clean. I've linked some great affordable options below in case you need a pair of simple shorts that you can wear all summer  long. 

Now that the fashion related tips are out of the way, I want to share some the intangible and beauty tips that I rely on to feel polished. First up is clean, neat nails. Keeping my nails neat and clean is something that I do year-round, but I find that it really makes a difference in the summer.

Not only is this super simple to maintain, but it's an almost effortless way to ensure that I feel a little more together when it's sweltering. So, if you're feeling particularly drenched and warn down by the heat I encourage you to take some time for yourself and either give yourself a manicure and pedicure or go out and get one. 

Another intangible that I rely on for feeling polished is good posture. Not only does this help me feel more alert, but it also helps everything I'm wearing look that much better. Plus, good posture helps exude confidence which goes incredibly far when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

Much like good posture and confidence help you feel more put-together, a smile does the exact same thing - and it's free! I promise you that if you're smiling and engaging with the people around you despite the temperature, they won't notice anything else. So, put on your best smile and try to forget that it's as hot as the sun outside and you're dripping in sweat. 

My next tip is all about hair. If you're anything like me and prefer smooth, neat hair, summer can be a real struggle with all of the heat and humidity. To help combat this I have a few anti-frizz products that I swear by, but I also love simple updos for getting my hair out of my face and keeping everything neat. Plus, a great updo is the perfect way to show off your statement earrings which is always a bonus. Below, I've linked some of my favorite easy updos for the warmer weather. 

Last but not least is something that I did while living in NY to combat the sticky, smelly subways in the summer and it's something that I still rely on today. When it's insanely hot and I feel like I'm melting I love to refresh my makeup and overall look with a few spritz of a lightweight mist. Currently I'm using plain old witch hazel with rose but I've linked some of my other faves below.