Today's post is all about the items I have in my wardrobe every fall. Since I prefer things that can carry me for years, I've had and worn the following pieces for the last 5+ fall seasons. I love these items so much that I'm sure they will keep me going for years to come so I wanted to share them with you. Below, I've linked some options that are still available and have wonderful quality. With the exception of a few things, I either own the exact items linked or older versions from a few years ago that I still wear and love. 



One of my favorite ways to layer up in the fall is with a cozy scarf or shawl.

I love blanket scarves and shawls because they're easy to find at a reasonable price point and they can be worn with a multitude of pieces. Whether I wear them belted like I did here, or wrapped over or under a blazer or jacket, I wear these scarves non-stop during the cooler months. 

My favorites are from Zara but I've linked some other great options below at reasonable price points if you're looking for one to add to your own closet. 


I know that fedoras aren't for everyone, but I love them. As a lover of hats year-round, I look forward to the weather cooling down so that I can top most of my looks with this classic hat.

My favorite is the greenish-grey one I'm wearing here that I picked up from Forever 21 years ago.

Now-a-days I try to avoid shopping at Forever 21 since I can luckily afford some more ethically sourced, higher-end and second-hand items, but I have to say that this hat has surpassed all other Forever 21 items I've owned. 



I'm sure it's no surprise that I love blazers year-round but when it comes to fall, I prefer herringbone. I have a few in rotation that I've had for years from J.Crew and Ralph Lauren and I wear them constantly when the temps drop. I'm not sure if it's just the trends right now or if maybe I'm a little too early in the season, but I could find very few herringbone and non-herringbone options at a reasonable price. I linked them below, but I recommend checking eBay and etsy for some great past season or even vintage options. 


I love sweaters and wish it were cool enough to wear them year-round (without all the sleet and snow that usually comes with sweater weather). I don't have very many sweaters but those that I do I've had for years and I love them for layering or wearing alone. My favorites as you know are the Everlane cashmere crews, a cableknit cashmere Ralph Lauren one I'm wearing above and a J.Crew cashmere sweater in navy (that I picked up on eBay for a fraction of the retail price). 



Riding boots and chelsea/ankle boots are my favorite footwear in the cooler weather.

My favorite pairs of riding boots are a Ralph Lauren pair that I picked up for $250 at Century 21 in Brooklyn (they retail for $1,000+), a brown pair of Ferragamos that I scored brand new in the box on ebay for only $100! and a black pair of vintage Ferragamos that I got on etsy. For chelsea and ankle boots I have a pair of brown Cole Haans that I've had for years, Madewell booties with a slight heel and my go-to black Marc Fisher Yale ankle boots. I wear these with everything from pants to jeans and skirts to dresses.