On My Radar No 23

Happy Friday! This week has absolutely flown by. It's been full of spring capsule planning (already, I know!!), prep on a future e-book and e-course that I hope to offer soon, lots of video prep and outlining and plenty of filming and editing.

All-in-all, it was a great week and I'm feeling like 2018 has the power to be a wonderful year full of professional and personal growth because we have the loveliest community here. I can't tell you how much each of your comments brighten my day and I'm feeling particularly inspired to bring you the best content possible this year. 

MINIMAL + CLASSIC SCOTTISH HOUSE TOUR | You know how much I love a great house tour, and when that house also happens to be in the UK, I pour over every detail until I can practically picture myself moving in. Unsurprisingly, this beautiful Scottish house tour did just that. 

MIMI'S LATEST POST | Since discovering her blog years ago (when she only had 3,000 followers on Instagram!) I have waited with bated breath for each new post and each time it's well worth the wait. Mimi's most recent post is no exception and I highly recommend taking a peak if you're in the mood for endless inspiration. 

SPRING CAPSULE PLANNING | Even though it's still very much winter (even here in Charleston!) I can't help but dream of my favorite season - spring. From the fresh blooms to the blue skies and dewy mornings, nothing compares to spring for me and this year I'm already prepping for my capsule. Though much of my spring capsule will carry over from last year, I've been busy pinning new ways to wear my beloved pieces and I can't wait to bring out my airy fabrics and soft pastels once more. 

MUSEUM DOPPELGANGERS | For years while perusing museums from the Met to the Louvre, Jason and I have searched for and pointed out pieces of art that resemble us, so you can imagine my excitement when Google released an app that instantly peruses art from the world over to find your doppelganger! The results are too fun not to share and I highly recommend it if you want a good laugh and some art exposure at the same time - each result allows you to learn about the painting you're matched with. 

MUST-SEE SUNDANCE FILMS | I love movies and everything that they entail. I frequently arrive to a showing early just so that I can watch the previews and plan which films I want to watch next. I love the scripts, the cinematography, the costumes, makeup and locations, and this list of 20 must-see films from Sundance has been anxiously arriving nearly every premiere.