The 4 Jackets I Wear Non-Stop Each Fall


I’m back from London and it’s 65 degrees this morning in Charleston! I’ll be sharing more about our trip soon including what I wore, what we saw & ate and a fun “Get Ready With Me” that I filmed in our rental, but in the meantime I’m so excited for all things fall. The weather was absolutely gorgeous in London and excluding one 75 degree day, it was chilly enough for a light jacket or blazer the entire time. Especially now that it’s cooled down here in Charleston, there is no denying that it’s officially jacket season. Today I’m sharing the 4 styles that I wear non-stop every fall - I also want to mention that since adding a light plaid jacket to my closet this fall it’s quickly becoming a new must-have. Each of these are staples in my wardrobe and are styles that I wear on repeat when the temps drop.



First up is the tweed jacket. I love tweed for so many reasons and actually like to wear it all year, but during the fall I love it in richer colors like black and grey.

Not only are tweed jackets so classic that they do the work for you, but they can also be dressed down like I did recently for our trip to London when I wore my tweed jacket with jeans and sneakers for a day of sight seeing.

When looking for a tweed jacket I like them in either solid colors like this black one you see to the left or in a subtle mix of similar shades like grey, tan and white. Much like my other jackets and blazers, I also like my tweed options to be lined and to have structure to them so they can easily be thrown on top of anything I’m wearing. For me, if the material is too flimsy the jacket seems a little lackluster.

Below, I’ve rounded up a few tweed jackets I found available right now but I always recommend checking thrift stores or eBay, Poshmark, TheRealReal etc because these classic jackets have been around for years and stand the test of time beautifully.


For me, nothing says fall quite like herringbone. I love it in every color imaginable but my favorites are grey, green and rusty brown for the perfect topper to any fall look. Below, you can see two of my absolute favorite herringbone blazers that I look forward to wearing every year. On the left is a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer that fits like a dream and still looks brand new despite it’s age - one of the many benefits of herringbone. To the right is a J.Crew blazer that I picked up a few years ago before their blazer quality sadly declined rapidly. You may be able to find it on eBay or Poshmark but I also recommend looking at thrift stores and even in the little boys or mens departments.



Since I live on the East Coast, fall means rain and nothing is better for keeping me dry and warm than my Barbour Beadnell. I picked this up a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. Not only is in a perfect shade of green with a classic plaid lining, but it is warm enough to get me through most of the fall and winter but still light enough to wear in the spring as well. I am a huge fan and can’t believe it took me so long to finally pick one up. What’s even better is that Barbour offers a lifetime warranty and will happily repair any damage that you experience. I took my Barbour with me to London last week and it was perfect for those misty days that feel so much like New England that you can really see where it gets it’s name. Each day I wore it I was perfectly warm and dry the entire day.


Much like herringbone, my fall wardrobe wouldn’t feel complete without a camel coat and blazer. I love this classic color and style so much and I can’t imagine getting dressed in the fall without them. Both my camel coat and camel blazer are by Brooks Brothers but I was able to nab them for a fraction of their regular price by waiting for sales and scouring eBay. I found the blazer brand new, with the tags still on for only $100 on eBay and the coat for under $300 because it was part of a sale in a Brooks Brothers store in Florida where heavy coats are never needed - a great tip if you’re in the market for a coat and will be traveling down south soon. If you are in the market for either a camel blazer or camel coat, know that the real deal can be very pricey and I definitely think it’s worth spending a little more for a beautiful option that you’ll wear and love for years, but also being smart about your purchase and looking for the best deal possible for a wool, lined option.