On My Radar No 57


There’s just something about this week that has me getting into the holiday spirit - already! Maybe it’s the sudden dip in the weather or the fact that October is almost over, but I’m already dreaming of the holidays and can’t help but feel more than a little twinge of excitement. This week, beyond working, trying to catch up on some of the things I missed while we were in London and starting to think about our holiday plans and decor, I’ve been finally painting our living room and making some final decisions on art etc. I find that especially in the age of the internet, it’s so easy to get caught up in how quickly everyone seems to have their homes looking perfect but in my experience it’s been a much slower process for a few reasons. The first being that I like to take my time before making a purchase and don’t like to rush things. Also, I prefer not to spend all my money at once and rather sparse it out over a few months and of course hunt for the best deals possible. All of this to say that our living room and bedroom are almost done and I’m so excited to share the details with you. So this weekend I’ll be spending more time painting and decorating, filming some new videos and of course enjoying Charleston in the fall. In the meantime, here are a few of the things that have been on my radar this week.

EVERLANE LAUNCHES RENEW INITIATIVE | This week Everlane launched an exciting new initiative called “ReNew” which features “a collection of puffers and fleece
jackets made from 3,000,000 discarded plastic bottles.”

GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING GRWM | This is a beautifully filmed, unique take on the standard “get ready with me” video featuring a historically accurate routine in 1665 Delft - something the subject of the famous painting may have done.

ATLANTIC PACIFIC X NORDSTROM COLLECTION | Blaire of the wildly popular blog Atlantic Pacific launched her collaboration with Nordstrom recently and it’s fabulous! I love when women achieve their dreams and you can tell that she’s put a ton of effort into this collaboration and really used her background in buying. Each piece is perfectly her and definitely worth a peruse.