The Classic Black Pant | Some Great Picks For Your Wardrobe & Outfit Ideas

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Black pants are a staple in my wardrobe and something that I turn to all year long. A classic clean front, ankle or just below ankle crop, pockets and belt loops are a must for a pair that can stand the test of time and be worn endless different ways. Those features coupled with wool or a wool blend make for the perfect investment pair that I know I’ll continue to wear for years to come.

Now, if your budget isn’t quite high enough to include a new pair of pants with these features, some synthetic blends offer the same look for a lot less and with proper care can last years. I have a pair of synthetic based pants from H&M that I’ve had for YEARS and they still look fantastic despite constant wear. Also, like always, don’t hesitate to check gently preowned sites and vintage shops for pairs with beautiful construction and high quality materials at a fraction of the price.

To help your search along, I’ve rounded up some of the best black pants that hit all of these points below - plus a few in a synthetic blend to suit a variety of budgets. The pair I’m wearing in the pic above are an older style by J.Crew but these by Everlane are almost identical. Also, I can personally vouch for the quality of this $30 pair from H&M. I saw them in-store recently and was very impressed. They’re weighty, evenly stitched and lined.