How To Make A Colorful Fall Capsule | 23 Pieces, Over 40 Looks (VIDEO)

Today I'm sharing a colorful fall capsule wardrobe that doesn't have the color black. This is a request that I've received countless times and I think it's a great way to show that a capsule or minimized wardrobe doesn't need to be only black, white and grey. Instead, you can choose as many or as few colors as you like! I've listed everything below along with the video and a quick breakdown of what I discuss. I’ve linked exact items when available, but since I've had many of my pieces for a few years, I've linked similar ones if I've found some. Thanks so much for watching xx Audrey

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.39.32 PM.png


For my color palette, I selected a base of navy and brown/camel. For accent colors I went with white, green and red.

I chose these colors because they’re the colors I have enough of to create a capsule without black, but also because they’re beautiful colors for fall and I think navy is one of the best alternatives to black.

Like always though, this is just an example and I encourage you to find a color palette that works for you and your personal style, coloring and tastes. If you’d like to see my video all about selecting a color palette, you can view it here.

no black capsule color palette white.jpg
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Given that I was working with the items I already have and just excluding black from the mix, most of these items will look familiar and they’re some definite overlap from my own fall capsule. That said though, I’ve also pulled out a beautiful green sweater that I haven’t worn in a few seasons and a pair of navy pants that I can’t wait to wear this winter. Below, I’ve included a quick snapshot of a few outfits that I put together from this capsule, but you can see the full range in the video at the bottom of this post. Also, I’ve started a Pinterest board full of outfits that don’t include the color black. You can see it here.






  • Faux Fur Coat: Tavik *I have size small

  • Maroon/Brown Leather Jacket: Zara (a few years old)

  • Camel Coat: Brooks Brothers


  • Medium Silk Scarf: Vintage from etsy

  • Sabina Savage "Hare's Gift" wool & silk 135x135

  • Faux Fur Stole: Zara (old)

  • Brown Belt: Massimo Dutti (old)

  • Purse: vintage Louis Vuitton


  • Cap Toe Flats: Vaneli "Aliz"

  • Brown Ankle Boots: Cole Haan (a few years old)

  • White Sneakers: Lacoste (old)

JEWELRY *not included in the 23 items, but worn throughout