Top 5 Videos Of 2018 & My Personal Favorite

It’s officially 2019 and as I settle into the new year, I wanted to share my top 5 videos (based on views) from 2018. So, in order of most viewed to least, here they are. Plus, my own personal favorite - despite the views. For me personally, this video is one that I think represents my personal style and expression the best, and I hope to make more like it in the coming months.

How To Not Look Like A Tourist | You could say this is tied for not only my most viewed video, but also my most controversial video. It also has to be the one that caught me the most off guard. I got the idea after returning home from my trip to Italy last year and receiving quite a few e-mails and DM’s about how the style there compared and contrasted to the overall style here, and if I had any general recommendations. After a little bit of thinking, I put together some of my top observations and before I knew it, this was my most viewed video of all time. While I’m grateful for the exposure this video has received, I wish I could quiet the comments just a bit because more and more frequently they’re becoming a little mean spirited and I fear a lot of viewers forget that I’m a person with feelings on the other end of their comments. None-the-less, you can view the video below if you’re interested.

How To Look Expensive - Styling Hacks and Tips | One of the trickiest things about YouTube for me has been navigating the line between catchy and misleading and trying to find a balance that feels authentic to me, while also garnering enough views to make this my full-time job with a viable income. This has required me to pay close attention to trends and analytics (something I learned during my stint as a public relations employee). A quick glance through google analytics and commonly searched words and phrases last year, lead me to this series and my second most viewed video of 2018.

5 Things You Don’t Need In Your Closet | My 3rd most viewed video is all about the top 5 things I think you should consider removing from your closet in order to free yourself from clutter and get one step closer to finding and loving your personal style.

20 Pieces, Endless Outfits | One of my favorite videos to date is the 20 piece mock capsule that I put together from my own wardrobe to create a multitude of looks. I had so much fun putting this together and the feedback I received made it even more worthwhile and rewarding!

Style Secrets Every Stylish Woman Knows | Last but not least is a round up of some of the style pointers I’ve noticed stylish women implement, as well as a few that have helped me figure out my own personal style.

BONUS VIDEO: Maine Travel Vlog | Finally, despite the “low” view count, my Maine travel video from last year is the one I’m the most proud of. For me, I think it represents my personal style and creative expression the best and I would love to make more videos like this in the future. It’s a shame that these types of videos aren’t enough to sustain a channel.