On My Radar No 63

First week of the year, DONE. After being out of town for 2 weeks straight this holiday season I’ve had a harder than usually time getting back into the swing of things. To help kick things back into gear and rebalance ourselves, Jason and I have taken an impromptu trip to Asheville (one of my favorite places) for some mountain air and hiking (one of my favorite past times).

When we lived in NY we loved taking the car out of the city for a day of hiking and if you’ve ever lived in a major city then I’m sure you can relate to the desire for anything natural. I love everything about it from the change in elevation to the fresh air, to the sounds and smells, and I hope to do it more often this year.

In fact, one of my favorite things about Charleston is how close it is to the mountains which is the perfect balance to the ocean - especially on days when I need to get above sea level. In the meantime, here are a few things that have been on my radar recently.

LINDA WRIGHT, STYLE ICON | I love this video of Linda Wright (one of my top style icons) and I think she’s a perfect example of someone who has her personal style figured out.

UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY TUTORIAL | One of my favorite things about YouTube is the room it creates for self expression and this historical beauty tutorial is the perfect example of that.

THE SWEETEST (AND TALKATIVE) PIT RESCUE | You know how much I love all animals, but there’s a special place in my heart for rescues (all of my pets are rescues) and this talkative pit rescue is SO cute!

HOME ALONE WITH GOOGLE HOME | This is an old ad now, but I still wanted to take a moment for the Google Home x Home Alone collab.