Top 5 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet


Today's video is all about the top 5 things you don't need in your closet. 

Eliminating these things will make for an easier closet clean-out and a more stylish 2018. Below, I've outlined these 5 items in more detail but you can also watch my corresponding video here or at the end. 

Before we hop into the items though, I want to clarify that "get rid of" means to donate, sell or gift these items to someone else. 


Much as the title suggests, the first item on my list is anything that's truly uncomfortable to wear or causes you physical pain in some way. The items in this category can be anything from shoes that give you blisters to a jacket that's so snug it restricts your breathing.  While it's certainly fun to wear a standout piece every once in a while even if it's painful, I'm not one to sacrifice comfort for fashion and if an item hurts or is uncomfortable to wear it won't last long in my closet. In fact, I wore super comfy kitten heels on my wedding day just so that I could be comfortable. 

I think that fashion should compliment your lifestyle, not dictate it, so I definitely recommend eliminating anything that doesn't do this.


In order to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything it has to offer, I think we need to be able to move freely and comfortably and clothes that don't let us do that aren't worth keeping around. Nothing ruins a day or my mood quicker than uncomfortable clothing. The last thing I want is to spend the entire time wearing something thinking about how I want to take it off. 


Next up is anything that has gone unworn for a year of longer. I find that one full calendar year is enough time to experience every season, holiday and occasion so it's typically a safe way to gauge whether or not an item works with your personal lifestyle. 

While there will certainly be some exceptions to this, generally speaking an item that hasn't been worn in a year or longer isn't something you need in your closet. These pieces are going to be things that you've held onto (maybe they even still have the tags on!) and have never gotten around to wearing it for one reason or another.

when you love what you have.jpg

The important thing here is that it's not important to dwell on the fact that we haven't worn something, but rather to move forward and only keep the things we do wear and love.

Not only will this approach making getting dressed in the morning a LOT easier, but it will also free up our closets and our minds for the things we do love.  





Next, is anything that doesn't fit and can't be tailored to fit. We all have those items that we either never took to the tailor or that fit once upon a time and we've held onto. This can run the spectrum of too big, too small, too long, too short and everything in between. If an item doesn't fit your individual body well, and can't be tailored accordingly, then get rid of it. Somebody else can probably use the piece and love it a lot more.

Now one caveat that I have here is for weight loss. I know many people will disagree with me on this one, but if you are in the process of losing weight and are eating well, working out and feeling great, and you have a piece that you're hoping to fit into, don't get rid of it just yet. I don't think there's anything wrong with holding onto pieces that help motivate us to reach a goal. 

That said though, I do think it's important to be honest with ourselves and constantly re-evaluate where we are. So, if you're hoping to fit into something and are headed in the right direction, then keep it but be sure to check back in with yourself in a few months. If after some time it looks like the days are gone for you to fit into that skirt again (even in your best physical health) then it's time to move on.

As time goes by we all change physically, mentally and emotionally and it's important to always take stock of who we are now rather than trying to remain who we were then. 




It may sound cheesy but I'm a firm believer that fashion should reflect how we feel about ourselves and I think that we all deserve to feel our best every single day. Anything that doesn't make you feel amazing should be eliminated from your life immediately. This mentality applies to everything in life but for the sake of this article let's focus on the sartorial. 

The items in this category will be anything that you've held onto because you think you're supposed to have it, wear it and love it. Anything that you've acquired because you were told it suits your hair color, skin tone, age, height, body shape etc but you just don't love should be removed from your closet immediately, Let's say for example that you've acquired a structured black blazer because every fashion guru and magazine has told you that you need one, but every time you wear it it doesn't feel like you.

Rather than feeling chic, sophisticated and classic like you were promised, you feel restricted, dowdy and complicated. Anything that causes this reaction and feelings that are anything but positive, has no place in your life so get rid of it. Someone else can probably use and love that piece a lot more and it will suit their personal style a lot better. By eliminating these pieces you'll be left with things that you do love and feel great in. 



One of the things I love about fashion is the creativity and personal expression that comes out through our clothes. I'm a firm believer that personal style should be just that, personal and that no two people should ever look exactly the same. 

individual expression is one of the best parts about living in such a diverse world and I think that cultivating our individual personal style is endlessly fun. Much like my above point, anything that doesn't feel like you and doesn't lend itself to your personal style should be removed from your closet. 

If you already know your personal style then don't allow anything into your closet that doesn't speak to it. If you're still trying to nail down your personal style, I recommend taking some time to figure it out - I did a post a little bit ago about how to find your personal style that might be a good place to start.

Once you know your personal style, then have fun with it and allow yourself to change with where you are in life. The beauty of personal style is that it's a reflection of who we are, and who we are is a fluid concept that should have the freedom to change as needed so be kind to yourself and just have fun with it!

And there you have it! Those are the top 5 things I think you don't need in your closet. I've discussed each of these in a little more detail in the corresponding video that you can watch below and like always, thanks so much for stopping by!