6 Fashion Rules You Should Break

As the old saying goes, rules are meant to be broken and when it comes to these 6 fashion rules I couldn't agree more. Since their inception, fashion rules have evolved as a means to both help guide us through our sartorial choices and at times showcase our socioeconomic standing all while limiting our artistic expression. So, today I want to discuss a few common fashion rules that I think you should absolutely break for a more freeing and stylish 2018. 



First up is the belief that you can't mix certain colors. When we think of this rule, black with brown, and blue with black are typically the first two pairings to come to mind so I'm going to focus on those today. Before we hop into the guidelines I like to keep in mind, I think that it's important to note that fashion should ultimately be fun and a form of expression so you should always wear what you want, when you want.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I think many people are afraid of mixing these colors in the same outfit because two hues can be very similar. This similarity can confuse the eye and make it look like you've paired mis-matched blacks together instead of made a thoughtful, sartorial choice.


black and brown slide.jpg

When dealing with these two color combinations, I find that it's best to pick shades that are different enough to still create visual interest. For examples, I'll opt for a deep black and lighter brown when going this route and I'll try and steer clear of deep, chocolate brown. The same rules apply when pairing black and blue. By avoiding deep blue that veers that too close to navy, you can allow for visual interest and keep things appealing to the eye. 

black and blue slide.jpg



Many people believe you can't mix metals without a major fashion faux pas but I think it's absolutely possible. In fact, I mix metals every day order because my wedding and engagement rings are platinum and my watch is gold. To to ensure that my pairings feel purposeful and don't clash I like to have diamonds or gemstones in at least one of the pieces. I find that doing so helps to detract the eye from the different metals and instead, just register sparkle.  

With this approach in mind, I like to avoid individual gold and silver pieces that are too bold or geometric on their own. I find that for me, this feels too busy but at the end of the day, you should do and wear what you want regardless of what anyone thinks. 



Not wearing white after labor day is a rule that I'm sure you've heard. Originating as a way to differentiate social status and control those trying to navigate new and old money, this approach is extremely antiquated and needs to be eliminated immediately. I personally LOVE wearing white year round and find that few things are chicer than a winter white outfit. So, bust out those white jeans and wear them with pride all year long because because you'll look fantastic doing so. 


Next up is a rule that many of you probably follow. The idea that leggings aren't pants is one that I disagree with - with a few caveats. For me personally, I find that wearing leggings as pants is not only allowed but looks fantastic when paired with a looser, slightly longer top. I did a video all about how I style leather leggings that you can watch here, but essentially I think that the slim silohette that leggings give our lower halves is one to be embraced with open arms.  



When it comes to mixing prints, avoiding it all together is a great way to play it safe and ensure your outfit never looks out of step. To work around this, recent advice has been that you can mix patterns all day long if they are in similar shade. I personally disagree and find that this look feels too busy for me - maybe I'm old fashioned. That said though, I do like to mix prints in one small way that I've been doing for years. 

Wearing a striped shirt and printed silk scarf is hands down my favorite way to break this rule and it's one that I encourage you to do as well. There's just something so classic and chic about these two classics worn together.  


Last but not least, is the tried and tested belief that you get what you pay for or that you have to pay a lot to look great. Now, as you know I don't like to spend a lot of money on my clothes and I've been able to fill my closet with plenty of beautiful pieces and some designer duds without ever spending more than $300 on a single item. My secret has been to familiarize myself with high quality construction and materials and then hunt for these at second hand shops, vintage stores and websites like eBay, etsy, Poshmark and TheRealReal. Through these methods I've been able to score countless deals that leave me feeling great without breaking the bank. 

The other thing I'll say about this is that you should always approach fashion from an economical standpoint as well as a fashionable one. Sure, yu want to look great, but you shouldn't go broke doing so and I think it's very important to never exceed your budget and to not let anyone but yourself determine what your budget looks like. If you do this, I promise you you'll be able to fill your closet with beautiful, well-made pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Below, I've embedded my corresponding video with these tips and like always, thanks so much for watching!