Capsule Jewelry Collection: 5 Essential Pieces For A Well-Rounded Wardrobe, Plus 5 Fun Extras

You know how much I love capsule dressing and I credit it with helping me decrease the clutter in my life while also honing in on my personal style. Since adopting this way of dressing I've been amazed at how clear it's all become and each year my personal style becomes more and more refined. To say that it's been liberating is an understatement! Part of this journey for me has resulted in the realization that to keep me inspired and not feeling bored with my closet, accessories and specifically jewelry are key. From delicate every day pieces to statement pieces, I love it all and try not to limit myself too much in this department - within reason of course. That said though, when I sit and think about it I could absolutely narrow what I have down into a small jewelry capsule of 5 key essentials (with 5 extras) and be just as happy. So today, I want to share those pieces with you. These are the pieces that I think make up a well-rounded jewelry collection and offer enough choice and interest to keep things from feeling stale without also causing clutter fatigue. Also, before we hop into it, these are by no means must-haves and definitely take what I'm saying with a grain of salt and supplement, swap and omit them as you see fit to suit your personal preferences and personal style. 



Let's kick things off with earrings. From my experience a delicate pair of studs that can be worn every day and with everything in your wardrobe is a must. I LOVE studs and find that a simple pair of diamond, cubic zirconia, crystal, gold or silver ball or pearl studs look fantastic with everything and can be dressed up or down. These simple earrings feel just at home with a t-shirt and jeans as they do with a ball gown and if you're an extreme minimalist that still likes earrings, this is all you need in the earring department for a well-rounded jewelry box.



I love rings so I like to wear my wedding and engagement rings as well as another ring on my right hand. For the last few years I've worn a simple gold stack on my right hand, but I recently swapped that out for my new signet ring! I have a video coming up all about the specifics of my ring so be on the lookout for that, but in the meantime I love the idea of a personalized or engraved ring for every day. I love how it speaks to your personal style and adds a layer of sentimentality to your outfits. 

Next up is a delicate bracelet. For this category I love everything from a classic bangle, slim chain with a charm or gemstone or even a tennis bracelet. Each of these pieces is timeless and versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. I have a small gold, vintage bangle that I love to wear on most day as well as a tennis bracelet and I would love to add a delicate chain with small diamond in the future. I love each of these for their simplicity and have chosen to have one of each because I really love jewelry but you can easily opt for only one. 



Next, I think a delicate necklace is always a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. I personally have a very delicate diamond necklace on a gold chain that I love to wear just about every day. If you're a jewelry minimalist a delicate piece that hits between your throat and your collar bones is all you need for every outfit and every occasion. 

Much like the delicate earrings, a simple necklace that isn't too flashy can be dressed up or down and feels just as appropriate at the office as it does for your anniversary dinner.

Even though it feels like we rarely use watches for their intended purpose anymore (hello cell phones!) I still think they're a wonderful thing to consider adding to your jewelry collection. I personally love the way a classic watch anchors anything I'm wearing and I love either a leather band or metal band to suit a multitude of outfits and events. If you're looking for just one watch style that can be dressed up or down I recommend going with a small to medium sized watch with a metal band in the finish of your choice (leather can feel slightly too casual for some events). 



Now let's go over 5 extras that you can consider adding if you love jewelry like I do. While you could easily get away with just the 5 essentials I outlined above, if you're like me I think you'll love the added versatility that these extras give your wardrobe. 


First up in my extras category is a pair fo statement earrings. I love statement earrings and think they are the easiest way to change up my look. Especially if you live somewhere very warm I think you'll love the power a pair of statement earrings to add interest to your outfit without adding bulk, weight or heat to your body. Plus, statement earrings almost look better with your hair pulled back so they're a win win for warmer weather. Also, you can find them at any price point to suit your budget. 



You know I love a great statement necklace and in this category we have everything from bold metal, jewel encrusted, chunky chains, beads and pearls. I love how they change up the neckline of anything that I'm wearing and I think they're particularly great when the rest of your outfit is pretty plain. Plus, they're easy to find at every price point. The key to finding one that looks much more expensive that it is, is to go for beads and little to no faux metal. I have one like this from Loft that I picked up a few years ago and it still looks brand new because it couldn't tarnish. 

Next may be a bit polarizing, but I personally think you can't go wrong with a simple pair of hoops in a small to medium size. Unless it's part of your personal style, I wouldn't invest too much money in a very large pair because they can be a little tricky to wear but a small to medium sized pair of hoops instantly adds sophistication and interest to everything from a striped tee to a turtleneck and it's an essential for me. If hoops feel like a statement for you, then they can easily take the place of the statement earrings I discussed above. 



Last but not least is something festive. This category could easily have overlap with the statement earrings or statement necklace category if those pieces have some sparkle, but if you're like me and you love jewelry then you'll appreciate the power of a crystal necklace or chandelier earrings that feel perfectly at home during the festive months from November through January. I personally love a great pair of sparkly earrings for this and I love how they can be worn with both a cozy sweater during the holidays and a great cocktail dress for New Years because they add the perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit. 

Next up is a long necklace. For this, I love either a slim chain with a charm or pendant on it or a thin beaded option. The key here is to pick something that is realtively thin and hits around your waist because doing so will make you look taller and leaner! It's one of my favorite tips for days when I want to feel slightly taller and it's one of the tips I've included in an upcoming video all about this. Just like the statement necklace above, you can find these at every price point and if you're looking for something inexpensive that doesn't look cheap, try to find a necklace with beads (that aren't chipped and are strung neatly) and little to no fake metal. 

And there you have it! Those are my 5 essentials for a well-rounded capsule, and 5 extras to take things even further. I've embedded my corresponding video here and I'd love to know what your jewelry essentials are. Let me know in the comments section and thanks so much for stopping by!