Basic To Bold: Instant Ways To Upgrade Your Outfit

Happy Sunday! In today's video I'm sharing some instant ways to upgrade your look from basic to bold. Each of these simple tweaks take seconds to do, but transform your outfit into something memorable. 


First up is to roll your sleeves. This is something that I love to do when I wear a long sleeve butt down shirt, blazer or jacket because it instantly adds visual interest and helps tailored separates feel effortless rather than stuffy. Plus, it's a great way to show off multiple layers and your jewelry! So, if you're having a hard time getting your outfit to look just right, try rolling your sleeves and it may be just the tweak you need.


Next up is a style move that's recently becoming popular again and that's to drape your jacket or top layer over your shoulders like we see nearly ever blogger and street style star do. I love this because it has such an effortless feel and instantly pulls together anything I'm wearing. Now, this definitely isn't the most practical way to wear your outer layers but it certainly looks fantastic. So, if you're in moderate weather or just want to look like a million bucks for a picture, don't hesitate to drape your coat, sweater or blazer. 


If you've been here before this next one should come as no surprise, but I LOVE to tuck in my tops for a polished, put-together vibe that instantly takes my whole look to the next level. For me personally, because I love traditionally masculine silhouettes, tucking in my shirt helps accentuate my waist and add shape to an otherwise boxy look. Now, if you're uncomfortable with your midsection and would prefer to not tuck in your top, you can still get the same effect by having your shirts tailored to just below your problem area. This will help elongate your shape and draw the eye down to your feet instead of at your middle - this also looks great if you pair tops and bottoms together in similar shades.


Nothing jazzes up basics quicker than a great pair of statement earrings and it's something that I love to do when I want to look great but either can't be bothered to come up with something creative or it's too hot for some of the tricks in this video. Statement earrings (or even a statement lip!) add light to your face and help liven up an otherwise bland outfits. 


This next tip may not be for everyone, but I absolutely swear by the power of a great hat. From fedoras to berets and boater hats to floppy hats, I think that the right hat has the power to instantly transform anything you're wearing. Because of the rich history tied to hats, I find that they do the talking for you so to speak and can help convey the mood or vibe you're going for with little to no effort. Plus, they're also practical and keep you warm in the winter and shielded from the sun in the summer. 


I can't get enough of scarves! From silk scarves to blanket scarves I love these classic accessories and wear them year-round to add a pop to my outfits. When the weather is cool, I love to tie them around my neck or drape them over my shoulders and fasten them with a belt. During the warmer months when I can't stand anything around my neck, I love to tie a light silk scarf to my handbag for the all the impact without the weight. 


Even though fall isn't my favorite season, it's definitely my favorite to dress for and one of the main reasons for this is the layering! I'm sure you've seen the power of a great layered look many times but I think it bears repeating. There's just something about little pops of alternating fabrics, textures and colors that take any outfit to the next level and it's something that I rely on in my own day to day styling. Now, you can still layer during the warmer months too, you just need to be more strategic about it so instead of long sleeves and heavy materials, opt for 3/4, short sleeves or even sleeveless pieces in airy fabrics. You can also roll the sleeves of your favorite spring blazer or jacket for the same effect. 


Just like a great pair of earrings or a bold scarf instantly elevate even the most basic pieces, a great pair of sunglasses do the exact same thing. I personally love classic styles with either black, tortoise or gold frames but you can easily go the creative route and choose a colorful pair in a classic silhouette or a trendy pair with timeless touches for the perfect pop to any look year-round. 


Last but not least, when I want to take things to the next level, I swap my casual footwear for a pointed toe pair. Since I love flats, I never choose more than 2 inches but I find that even on my 5'4 frame the pointed toe helps elongate my look to make me appear taller all while keeping my look classic, clean and thoughtful.  


And there you have it! Like always, let me know if you have anything to add - I love learning to tricks!

Thanks so much for watching.