Out Of Office


Happy Saturday from Italy!! After an incredibly generous offer from my parents and incredible support from Jason (he's holding down the fort while I'm gone, looking after Maddie and our cats, doing a million other things and working full time!) I was able to move some things around and join my mom, dad and sisters in Italy for a little over a week!!!

All-in-all, I only had a few days to prepare for this very unexpected trip, but as Jason reminded me - how many times do you get to go to Italy!??! So, here I am in Rome for 2 days before we head down to Tuscany and I can't even put into words how incredibly lucky I feel to get this opportunity. I keep having to pinch myself while taking in the sites and sounds of one of my favorite countries.

Because this trip was so last minute though, I didn't have a lot of time to prepare content while I'm gone. Even though I have a few videos filmed and ready for editing and few blog posts outlined, I didn't want to rush to have them scheduled because that would mean cutting corners in my editing and writing process and I want to ensure that I'm putting out only my best each time I post. I hope you'll forgive my absence for the next few days and when I get back I'll share everything I packed and the outfits I wore along with my first e-book, my complete spring capsule wardrobe and more! Until then, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you're having a lovely week and grasping every amazing opportunity that comes your way.