Trend Tuesday: Tortoise Shell Earrings


Today's post kicks off a new mini series called "Trend Tuesday" where I'll be highlighting a different trend a few Tuesdays of every month. These trends will be things that can be easily incorporated into a classic wardrobe for the perfect update. 

Also, since I love classic pieces that can be worn for years, and easily updated with trendy pieces as needed, these trends will all be very wearable. I find that this balance allows me to participate in trends without feeling like a slave to fashion. Plus, a few carefully selected trends ensure that I look modern, but not like I'm trying too hard - after all, I want to wear the trends, I don't want them to wear me!

So, to kick off this series, I'm sharing a few of my favorite tortoise shell hoops that are incredibly popular at the moment but are still classic enough that they can easily be worn season after season for years to come.

1. BANANA REPUBLIC TOKYO TORTOISE HOOP EARRING | First up is this fun pair from Banana Republic that features a light tortoise shell in a classic hoop style. What sets these apart though is the beautiful gold detailing that adds a lovely little shine. 

2. MACHETE FRANCES EARRINGS IN ASH BLONDE | Next up, is a pair from Machete that I am particularly excited about. This gorgeous, slightly oblong hoop comes in a variety of shades (the ash blonde is pictured here), and is made from high quality tortoise shell acetate that is imported from Italy and non-petroleum based. From Machete, "cellulose acetate is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based material." How amazing is that? Not only are their designs classic and cool, they're also beautifully constructed and very reasonably priced. 

3. MACHETE BLONDE TORTOISE MINI | If you prefer more subtle jewelry, this small pair from Machete is perfect. The pale tortoise coupled with the smaller size make them very wearable and easy to throw on with everything from t-shirts to turtlenecks. 

4. MACHETE KATE HOOPS IN ASH BLONDE | How gorgeous are these earrings? I ordered this pair for myself and I love the slightly thicker (but still very wearable) silhouette and the light ash blonde color is divine. For me and my coloring, I think it will look great against my light to medium olive/yellow skin and black hair. Plus, the colors running throughout them will go beautifully with everything from white to black and grey to camel. I'm completely smitten and know that I'll get a ton of wear out of these for years to come.  

5. DEAR SOHO RED BLUSH TORTOISE HOOP EARRING | Next up is a really beautiful pair in blush pink tortoise shell. I love these for adding a pop to white and other pastel shades. 

In addition to the Kate earrings in ash blonde, I also picked up these and I'm so excited to wear them with everything from button downs to linen tops to sweaters and blazers! Below, I've included a few outfit ideas with how I plan to wear these all year. 

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