Splurge vs Save: Where I Spend & Scrimp In My Wardrobe

In today's video I want to share the areas I think you should splurge and save in your wardrobe to make sure it's well-rounded and will last you for years to come. Before we hop into though, I want to make it clear that the monetary value behind what makes a splurge or steal is different for everyone and the most important thing is to always stay within your own personal financial restraints and never exceed your budget in the name of fashion. With that in mind, a "splurge" will be anything that requires a larger part of your fashion budget and a save is anything that requires less. 

When it comes to building a timeless closet full of pieces that you can wear for years to come, I recommend always striving for the highest quality item that you can personally afford, buying natural fibers and materials, and then taking care of those items so that they last as long as possible. Doing this will help ensure that you spend your hard earned money only once and don't need to repurchase the same pair of shoes every year. If, instead of buying impulsively, you take your time to pick the perfect piece for your wardrobe (whether it's a splurge or save), and ensure that that item is well-made and you spend a little more when necessary, you will help ensure that you only need to buy something once. Also, if you understand the pieces that are worth spending a little more on, you can spot a great deal and score some beautifully made "splurge" items at a steal price. I'm working on an entire series all about this so be on the lookout for that but in the meantime, let's hop into my splurges and saves. 


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First up in the splurge department is shoes. Well-made shoes in classic styles will last you for years if cared for properly and I can't stress the importance of high quality shoes enough. Like handbags, I only have a few pairs of shoes so I think they are definitely worth the splurge. Not only can cheaply made shoes hurt your feet, they can also wear out a lot faster than their well made, high-quality counterparts. For this reason, I have chosen to invest wisely in a few pairs of shoes that I wear constantly and care for well so that they last ages. Plus, great shoes have the ability to elevate the rest of your outfit in a snap - which you know I love!


Much like shoes, I think well-made handbags are 100% worth their elevated price tag. Because I own so few, it's important for each one to go the extra mile and I have found that when I invest in a high-quality handbag it not only lasts longer because of the superior quality, but also because I take better care of it. Also, rather than purchasing countless cheaper equivalents of my ideal purse, I have had much better luck and saved more money long term by saving up for what I really want and know will work with all the outfits in my closet. That said, I do not think you should go out and spend a fortune on your handbag just because it is a splurge. Rather, I encourage you to scour eBay, TheRealReal.com and Etsy for vintage or pre-loved designer handbags at nearly half the price of a new one. Not only are these options cheaper, they also add some personality to your look. My only word of caution for going this route would be to do your research, know how to authenticate any designer item before you buy it and do not hesitate to ask the seller as many questions as necessary.

Forever Jewelry


My next splurge is forever jewelry.

While you know I LOVE costume jewelry (both new and vintage), I have chosen to invest carefully over the years in some key forever pieces that I wear every day. For me, this has worked out fantastically and I couldn't be happier with my minimal collection of pieces. All-in-all, I think forever jewelry is definitely worth the splurge because these pieces are classics that I know I will wear forever.

Also, not only have I thoroughly enjoyed carefully collecting these pieces over the years, but because they required extra thought before purchasing I can say with certainty that I truly love and wear each and every piece enough to justify the cost. 


The proper undergarments can make or break your outfit and I can personally attest to the benefits of spending a little more on high quality bras. In college, I worked for a large department store as a bra fit specialist and learned very early on how the right bra can transform your posture, attitude and how your clothes look on you. So, when shopping for bras I recommend taking the time to get fitted properly and then also taking the time to find the perfect bra for you. I have an entire series on this coming up down the line but in the meantime, a safe place to start is with a well fitting t-shirt or seamless bra in a nude for your skin tone because it will work with a multitude of tops. 


Natural Fiber Sweaters

Next up is sweaters made from natural fibers like cashmere, cotton, wool, silk and blends of these. Before making the decision to purchase natural fiber sweaters in classic silhouettes, I spent far too much on their synthetic counterparts. These sweaters left me feeling sweaty and itchy and never lasted longer than a few seasons. You know how much I love a great cashmere sweater and it's a closet staple that I think is definitely worth splurging on. If chosen correctly, in a classic silhouette and color that suits your wardrobe and lifestyle, a great cashmere sweater can last for years. In fact, I have a cashmere cardigan that belonged to my grandmother that's still in perfect condition! 

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Tailored Blazers & Outerwear

You know how much I love a great blazer and I've found that spending a little more on blazers and tailored outerwear is 100% worth it. When shopping for my blazers and coats, I like to keep a few things in mind in order to pick a well-made piece that fits me well and I've found that spending a little more to ensure these points is a wonderful place to spend my money. Doing so ensures that my blazers and jackets are not only great additions to my wardrobe, but that they also  


When it comes to saving, I have a few places that I find I can scrimp on without sacrificing quality too badly. In these instances, even though I'm spending less than I would on a splurge, I still look for high quality construction and versatile silhouettes that will compliment the other items in my wardrobe. So, with that said let's hop into my "saves." 

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Trendy Pieces You Can't Wear Forever

The first item I like to save on is trend driven pieces that I may not want to wear beyond one year. When it comes to trends, I think you can approach them in one of two ways. The first is to adopt every trend haphazardly regardless if it will compliment your personal style and the rest of your wardrobe. The other, is to strategically adopt a few trends every season or year that do compliment and enhance your personal style and wardrobe. As I'm sure you know by now, I definitely subscribe to the second method and I encourage you to do the same if you feel like you're constantly chasing trends and never have anything to wear. 


Next up is costume jewelry. Before we get into why I consider this to be a "save" I want to distinguish between costume jewelry and statement jewelry. I find that the two are often used interchangeably but they aren't always one in the same. In short, statement jewelry is jewelry that makes a statement. These pieces can be fake (plastic, acrylic etc) but don't need to be.

In fact, some of the best statement jewelry is made of precious and semi-precious stones and solid or plated gold like these incredible pieces. Now, costume jewelry is anything that's entirely fake (fake gold, fake gemstones etc like my Target hoops and Baublebar marble effect earrings). These pieces are often very inexpensive and are also often times statement pieces because their low price tag makes them easy pieces to experiment with. 

White T-Shirts

Last but not least, I like to save on white t-shirts. While I certainly understand the argument for expensive white t's, for me personally it's just not a practical use of my money.

Especially since moving back down south, I wear white t-shirts too often and in such intense heat that they just don't last long enough to justify spending a lot of money on then.

Instead, I've found that a simple cotton t in a classic, flattering silhouette is easy to come by. Places like Everlane and Hanes regularly offer perfect white t's for under $20. 



And there you have it! I'd love to know the items you like to splurge on and those you save on. Also, if you want to see my corresponding video, you can watch it below. Thanks so much for watching!