On My Radar No 36

Happy Friday! I'm particularly excited about today because it kicks off my birthday weekend (I'll be 31 tomorrow). I'm looking forward to stopping by one of my favorite antique shops, Wynsum Antiques for their grand re-opening tonight, and then heading to Chez Nous tomorrow for dinner. Until then though, here are a few things that have caught my eye this week. 

HOW TO WASH JEANS SO THEY LOOK NEW | You know I love jeans and this article on WhoWhatWear.com explains how to wash your denim so that it stays looking fresh. 

PERSONALIZED HAIRCARE | Hair can be a tricky thing and as I've embarked on a heatless hair journey, I've discovered just how important the right hair products are. Prose, is taking this approach one step further with personalized haircare routines tailored to you, your lifestyle, location and hair needs. 

GORGEOUS CANDLES | There are few things more luxurious than candles. I love lighting a few in the evening to help calm the mood and set a soft glow across the house. That said, it can be difficult to find candles that are both beautiful and lightly scented - anything too heavy gives me a headache and exacerbates my asthma. Enter, Apis Cera. I recently discovered this brand through Jamie Beck and have been smitten ever since. This beautiful brand, in their own words "has one ambition: to restore candles to their former glory" and I am totally on board.