On My Radar No 37

Happy Friday! This week was another great one filled with catching up after my mini staycation last weekend to celebrate my birthday. The weather has been pure heaven and Jason and I have been enjoying early morning walks with Maddie when the city is still half asleep. Our evenings have been filled with a little housework and plenty of relaxing outside.

As we head into the weekend I'm hoping to continue this trend but in the meantime, here are a few of the things that have caught my eye this week.

PINTEREST NOW SEARCHABLE BY SKIN TONE | I am on Pinterest just about everyday searching for imagery to include here on the blog and in my YouTube videos. So often, I want to include a wide array of examples but have such a hard time finding the time to weed through thousands of images so you can imagine how excited I am that Pinterest is now searchable by skin tone.  

ANNA WINTOUR'S GARDEN | One of my life goals is to have a lush garden that's equal parts planned and free and Ana wintour's garden perfectly captures this dream. 

JUDITH LIEBER'S LEGACY | Famed handbag designer Judith Lieber passed away recently and left behind a remarkable legacy. Beyond her creative pursuits, support of the arts and personal designs, she and her husband shared a powerful love and support system that spanned 72 years before they passed away hours apart.

TIFFANY TAKES OVER NYC | One of the things I miss the most about living in the city is the early exposure to nearly every marketing campaign under the sun and the newest Tiffany initiative is one that I would love to see in person.