On My Radar No. 34

Happy Friday! We are having incredible weather this week full of sunshine, low humidity and just enough chill to need a light jacket - the perfect weather in my opinion. Since I'm largely impacted by the weather, this shift has left me feeling incredibly motivated and inspired and I'm using this momentum to upgrade some of my filming equipment and lock down a few of my upcoming eBooks and videos that I'm so excited to share.

While I take the time this weekend to test out some new filming backdrops and editing software, I won't be able to post a new video on Sunday but I will be back with a fresh new look on Wednesday! In the meantime, here are a few of the things I've been loving this week. 

DANCERS WITH DOGS | Recently, professional dancers were photographed with various dogs and the results are equal parts stunning and adorable. 

HEIDI CAREY JEWELRY | As you know, I love jewelry. I am continually amazed how a few changes in accessories like jewelry, scarves and shoes can completely transform an outfit and Heidi Carey jewelry is taking this approach to the next level with beautifully designed pieces using only the highest quality materials. It is Heidi's belief that "elevating your look with high-quality handmade accessories should not be cost prohibitive" and I couldn't agree more! Since discovering her incredible range earlier this week I have been devouring her lookbooks, Pinterest boards and everything in between and I highly recommend taking a look for truly beautiful jewelry at a remarkable price. 

CAPSULE WARDROBE PIECES OVER 9 YEARS | In honor of her 9th blog anniversary, one of my favorite blogs MaiTaisPictureBook.com shared some of her favorite capsule wardrobe pieces that she has worn consistently for over the years. I loved this post and how it perfectly demonstrates the power of a classic wardrobe to stand the test of time. I also love how she explains the tweaks she has made in styling to suit her ever changing personal style - proving once more that classic items can and should last a lifetime.