My Wedding Makeup

In light of the royal wedding and Meghan Markle's natural bridal makeup, today I want to share the look I wore for my own wedding.

When Jason and I got married in 2015, we were very hands on and did everything ourselves (with help from our friends and family of course!). The fact that event planning was a major part of my job and that we agreed on everything, made the whole process stress-free, but when it came to my makeup I didn't know where to start, and quickly became overwhelmed.

As you know, I don't wear a lot of makeup in my everyday life and for my wedding I wanted to look and feel like me, just one step up. That meant no contouring, very little eyeshadow and liner, and a low-maintenance lip. A few months before our outdoor wedding in Maine, I took to YouTube for some guidance on how to do my makeup so that I would look polished in pictures but not overdone in real life. I watched video after video and nearly every tutorial felt too over the top for me and my personal makeup style.

So, to come up with a look that felt right for me, and wouldn't wear off in an hour or two, I took a little bit of everything I already knew and did a ton of experimentation leading up to the big day. After weeks of product trials and side-by-side comparisons I narrowed in on a look that was easy and photogenic, but not over the top, and today I want to share that look with you. Like I mentioned, this look was very easy to do and some of the tips I learned were critical in ensuring my makeup stayed put. For example, one of the tips I share in the below video helped my shadow and liner stay put all day and night which is normally impossible with my small lid space and deep crease that runs through where my shadow goes. All-in-all, I hope you find this tutorial helpful if you're looking for a natural bridal look you can easily do yourself, or if you just want a pretty, polished face that's appropriate for work or an evening out. I've embedded some more pictures below along with my video tutorial and a widget of everything I used - exact shades are listed in the description box of the video. Thanks so much for watching and happy wedding season!