On My Radar No 41

Happy Friday and happy June! After nearly a week of constant rain, we have sunny skies again here in Charleston and I'm looking forward to spending plenty of time outside this weekend. The humidity has already reached 90% or higher and I know the unbearably hot weather is right around the corner so I'm taking full advantage of these low 80's days.

This week I also upgraded my camera (again) so hopefully we won't have anymore focusing issues. The camera I was using was top of the line but the focus was so bad that it didn't matter. I used my new camera to film my Sunday video and I am already so happy with it! I notice a major improvement and I hope you do too. Now, onto a few of the things I've been loving this week.

NEW WINNIE THE POOH TRAILER | I love Winnie The Pooh and can't be more excited for the new movie all about Pooh. 

VIOLETTE MUSEUM INSPIRED MAKEUP | If you follow the YouTube beauty community I'm sure you're familiar with makeup artist Violette. I love her effortless French girl approach to makeup and come back to this museum inspired tutorial year after year when I want a dose of inspiration and natural makeup tips. 

NEW YOUTUBE FAVORITE | Speaking of the YouTube beauty community, I recently discovered Dr. Sam Bunting and have been binge watching her videos every night this week. Not only is she an incredibly knowledgable dermatologist, but she is also relatable and shares some fantastic tips for looking after your skin. I've recently implemented a few of her pointers and am already seeing positive results.  

YOU CAN OWN CAMERON DIAZ'S HOME FROM THE HOLIDAY | I love anything Nancy Meyers does and "The Holiday" is hands down one of my favorite feel good films of all time. One of the things that make her films so enjoyable is her use of set design to help tell a story, and the houses she creates for her films are pure magic. Now you can own a bit of that magic by purchasing the house used for Cameron Diaz in the film