May Favorites


Today I'm sharing a few of the things I've been loving during the month of May. Like always, I have a mix of everything from fashion to beauty to music, and each of these things have been bringing joy and even a little luxury to my life.


First up is my new scarf from Sabina Savage. I have been following and admiring Sabina Savage's designs for a little over year since they first came on my radar and have been wanting one of her designs ever since. Based on whimsical tales and folklore, her designs are the perfect blend of classic, masterful and fun and I am endlessly inspired by her designs.

Not only does each design take weeks to illustrate, but each scarf is then completed using the finest silk by some of the best scarf makers in the world. I finally picked up the "Hare's Gift" in wool and silk and I am completely in love.

I also chose the blue and pink color option because I wear and love both of those colors year-round and I know that the other colors will also compliment my closet perfectly. This will look lovely paired with either pink or blue or even black, white, grey or camel for the perfect pop to an otherwise neutral look. With respect to the wool and silk, I selected this blend because I wanted an option that I could drape and wear a variety of ways and the fabric composition of a scarf dictates the versatility in this regard. I have a video all about this coming up so be on the lookout for that, but in the meantime I can't recommend this gorgeous brand enough. I feel so lucky to finally have one of her scarves in my collection and I know that I will cherish it for years to come.  



Next up is my new signet ring fro Ruff's. For the past few months I've been working with Ruff's as a brand ambassador to make my dreams of a signet ring a reality.

While I have a video coming up that will share all of the ins and outs of the process and my final selection, I also wanted to include the ring in this video because I just received it earlier this month and I am completely in love. 

The final product far exceeded my expectations and I have been wearing it non-stop. My first major outing with it was an impromptu day trip to Savannah earlier this month - that's us at a cute little restaurant soaking up the southern charm. 

Also, the entire Ruff's team is an absolute delight to work with and Ali perfectly assisted me in my decision. Plus, they are incredibly knowledgable when it comes to their craft and offer a level of attention to detail that can be difficult to find on our world of instant gratification. 

My final post and corresponding video all about the process will be live later this month, but in the meantime I recommend popping over to their newly redesigned website and taking in all the beauty.


I have pretty eclectic taste in music and tend to like just about everything (with a few exceptions) but there's something about the spring that really gets me in the mood for jazz. I don't know if it's the increasing humidity and gentle hum of cicadas, but as spring dips into summer I love to start my mornings with an espresso and the Dave Brubeck Pandora station. The mix that I've carefully curated using the Pandora algorithm rarely misses for me and it's the perfect way to start my morning. If you're under the impression that you don't like jazz. I would wager it's because you've never been exposed to the right kind of jazz and I think that Brubeck is a great neutral starting point. To help point you in the right direction, I've put together a playlist of my favorite Brubeck songs that I hope you enjoy. 


Rutledge Cab Co here in Charleston is a spot that Jason and I have been wanting to try since we moved here and finally got around to it earlier this month. The food is incredibly tasty, the decor is adorable and the wait staff is wonderful - just what I look for in a restaurant. What really set them apart for me though, and why I'm including them in this month's favorites, is that they were able to make a me a Cape Cod Reuben and it was AMAZING. I can't recommend them enough and if you ever go and want the Cape Code Reuben, all you do is order the Reuben and have them swap the beef for fried fish. 


Last but not least is a new beauty discovery from Bastide. Bastide is a new personal care brand based out of Provence, France and they make the most delicious products.

After discovering them a few months ago I ordered the fragrance sample set and was immediately smitten with the rose and olive perfume - unsurprisingly because I love rose.

The scent is well-rounded and sophisticated, lasts a very long time on my skin and most importantly, doesn't exacerbate my asthma. Not only is the entire brand beautiful, but they're also free of countless "nasties" and work with skilled craftsman to create each of their signature products. 

And there you have it! Those are a few of the thing I've been loving this month and you can watch my corresponding video to the right or here. Thanks so much for stopping