On My Radar No 38

Happy Friday! Is it just me or did this week absolutely fly by in the blink of an eye? Maybe it's because I've been getting up extra early or because I've been keeping very busy with my blog and YouTube channel, but it's been great.

My dad always says that we're the happiest when in pursuit of a worthwhile goal and that has never been more true for me than it is now. I feel very lucky to have your support and I am so excited for my future content!

As we head into the weekend, here are a few of the things that have been on my radar this week. 

MY SIGNET RING IS DONE | If you've been following along here, then you know that I have been working with Ruff's Signet Rings to create my very own signet for my 31st birthday. I can't even put into words how lovely they've been to work with and this week I got the finished ring and it's even better than I had imagined it would be! The Ruff's team is incredibly talented and true leaders in their field. I'll be filming a YouTube video soon all about the process and what you should keep in mind when looking for your own signet ring so be on the lookout for that. 

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FARM | I love the outdoors. Jason and I try to spend at least a few hours outside every day and we love taking walks, going on hikes and even got married entirely outside. To feed my love for the outdoors, I have wanted to visit Blackberry Farm since they first came on my radar years ago. Until I'm able to make it out, their website has been so lovely to just look at and I highly recommend taking a peak. 

BEST DRUGSTORE SKIN CARE | One of my favorite YouTubers, Nadine is a former beauty editor and absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to skin, makeup and hair. As a lover of shopping wisely and getting the best quality for your money, I loved her latest video featuring some of the best budget skin care buys

OUTFIT POSTS ARE BACK | Last but not least, I'm so thrilled that I'll be sharing outfits posts here again and to kick things off I used one of my favorite spring blazers to change up my go-to uniform of a t-shirt and jeans.